Red Raider Results

3 divers score well in diving, including one that completed in her first ever 11 dive meet. 23 of 33 swims were season best times, not including some outstanding relay splits. Two relays win in season best times. 5 individual event winners. Two people swimming outside their comfort zone to fill in for a sick teammate.

Yet we finished in second place by 26 points. Last year we finished in second by 27.5.

So the question came to me, what did we do wrong? Nothing really. There is a time when the other team(s) are just better. Wausau West swam well today. Their depth in the butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke just proved to be a bit much for us to counter.

But what I want you to hang onto is that feeling of doing well and not being the team champion. We should use today as a motivator going forward. We should think about today when working on starts with the TiVo, when working on where our elbow should be in freestyle, when we talk about how we should finish an event strong, when we attempt to complete a forward one somersault dive for the first time, when start using the wall as our friends instead of an enemy , I can keep going but I think and hope you get the point.

It is important that this week that we stay the course, and focus at the tasks at hand. We must work hard at dry land on Tuesday and Wednesday. We must swim and dive with a great attention to detail to make sure we are working hard. Homecoming will be a distraction, but the coaching staff is going to implore you that we concentrate.

There is a great deal of talent on this team across all of the lanes and in the diving well. We need to keep getting better each day.

So, bottom line. We swam and dove really well today. Feel good about what we did and talked about today, but we need to put the hard hat back on this Monday and keep working it.