Father’s Day Postscript

Had an awesome time with the family at Mount Olympus Theme Park on Sunday.  Great roller coasters and go cart tracks along with a full water park.

If you read my previous post about Father’s Day, you know that an electronic article about some Dad’s I knew was going to be posted.  Here is the article.

Happy Father’s Day

There is a news web site called Waukesha Patch that I read from time to time on the web and their lead editor is Sarah Millard. Found out the Waukesha Patch is on twitter and started following them.  They do a ton at the Mayor’s council meetings and is good reading when those events are live.

The Patch posted a couple of weeks ago that they were looking for ideas for articles for Father’s Day.  I told them that I know a ton of great Dad’s that do nothing to draw attention to themselves, and just go about their daily business of being good Dad’s, great husbands, and solid citizens in the community.  I said it would be nice to read about the “ordinary” guy for once.

Well, they emailed me tonight and asked if she could have a free lance writer contact me to talk about this. I said sure, but that really was not the point.  I was trying to stay anonymous with the point being that if it looks like I a bringing attention to myself then I move away from the ordinary guy status.

The writer calls this morning and starts asking me some questions.  She asks how I fit all the stuff that I do into a day and I tell her that making family a priority is something that I have had for a long time.  Mentally I was thinking about the time since I have been married.

But then she asked the follow up question…”So, family has been important to you from growing up?…did your parents have an influence on that?”

A million things raced through my head.  All the great times with my Dad’s Dad, all the fun times with my Dad.  How every Sunday we would go over to Grandpa’s house for dinner.  Cutting the grass when Grandpa got too old.  Working at my Dad’s business during the summer that was started in Grandpa basement.  How playing catch with my Dad was always great.  How I do not not remember them every missing a game that my brother or I were playing in.  Going on Family Vacations with 4 x 60 air conditioning (4 windows down going 60 MPH).  Seeing my Dad feel proud when I graduated from Carroll College.  My brother moving onto my block so that sense of Family has come back together.

Not sure how I really answered the question.  Probably something to do with Dinner being the most important part of each day growing up.  Dinner was a time to see how things were going.  It re-centered us each day.

Article may or may not get printed.  But the impact of the reporter asking me questions reminded my of why family is important to me, and why my Dad will always be a great man.

Another busy Father’s Day is approaching.  Be safe and make sure you tell your Dad … Happy Father’s Day!