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Bucky in Indy

Last time Bucky played Sparty in Indianapolis, the Big Ten Title was on the line.  It was football.  But the game was classic.  Gus Johnson called the game and was in top form.  Montee Ball had 4 TD’s, their was a late Hail Mary from Wilson.  But everyone will remember this play:

That game was December 3rd.

Fast forward.  The Super Bowl was also played in Indy.  We decided to go the week before the Super Bowl and take in the sites which also included a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium.  The Super Bowl was February 5th, basically 2 months after the Big 10 Championship game.

During our trip inside Lucas Oil, we were able to go into the Visitor’s locker room, which was going to be the Giants for the Super Bowl but was also the Badgers for the Big Ten title and was also the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans on back to back weekends also in December.

We were a little surprised when we found this

laying on the floor in the coaches room just sitting there.  Two months later, two other games later.

Let’s just hope Bucky hoops can leave their same mark on Indy


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