Suit Update

As a member of the Wisconsin Swim Coaches Association I just received this update on suits.

Suits, Suits, Suits…
Here is some information I am passing along from Tom Shafranski at the WIAA…

1) NFHS Swimming Suit Interpretations
There is a Speedo suit that has a clip, I think called poly clip, to tighten the straps on females suits.  At this time the clip is considered a fastening system and would not be legal under Rule 3-3-2b(4).

The Speedo FS Pro I that has some dimples or bumps on the chest area that were not permeable — this was a bit of an older model suit. If the bumps are removed, which they can be just picked off, the suit would be legal.  The FS Pro I is no longer being made this way.

2) This morning I received the note found below from the NFHS regarding school logos on swimming/diving suits.  The regulation has now been modified to allow school logos that use "sublimation" to place colors, designs, prints, etc. to be dyed into the fabric of a suit.  They are indicating the suit remains 100% permeable when the sublimation process is used to place a logo on a suit.  Consequently, these suits are legal.

NFHS Interpretation of Rule 3-3-2b, Logo Restrictions
The NFHS has received several questions regarding the application of Rule 3-3-2b(2), school logo restrictions, to swimsuits with logos and mascots applied to the suit during construction.

A process referred to as sublimation allows colors, designs, prints, etc. to be dyed into the fabric to be used for suits in a pre-construction phase.  This process has been present in the market for quite some time.  Using sublimation, colors or designs, such as a school mascot, are dyed into the fabric and the textile material remains 100% permeable.

The restriction of a single, post-construction, impermeable school name or logo, not to exceed 9 square inches, does not apply to suits using sublimation for the process to include a school mascot, name and/or logo on the suit.  The restriction applies only to the post-construction logos which render the material to no longer be 100% permeable.

SITUATION:  The referee observes the swimmers from Team A, the Eagles, during warm-ups wearing suits with an eagle on the front of the females’ suits larger than 9 square inches.  Likewise, the males’ jammers have an eagle on the side of the suit larger than 9 square inches.  The referee confirms with the coach of Team A that these mascots are dyed in the material and are not placed over the textile material of the suit impacting permeability. The referee allows the suits in competition as Rule 3-3-2b(2) does not apply to this suit.  RULING:  Correct procedure.  COMMENT: The restriction on the size and number of post-construction school logos is necessary to prevent covering the suit to make it impermeable.  The restrictions are not necessary when the sublimation process is used.