Time to live in the Present, Reflect on the Past, and Look towards the Future

The 2011 Season has come to a thrilling conclusion.  5 Swims in the Big Pool in Madison this past Saturday afternoon.  The results are here.

The banquet has come and gone.  Team Awards and Varsity/Junior Varsity letters are all handed out.  Sad to see it end.

Time to live in the Present, Reflect on the Past, and Look towards the Future.  The season had its ups and it downs.  We received some bumps and bruises on the way, but together we survived the entire process, and did some fantastic things.  This is one of best group of young women that I have been associated with in a very long time.

Season Started with a Bang!  Over 74,000 Meters swam, Food Drive for the Food Pantry, Alumni Meet, a Painted Office, a great deal of Food Eaten, and over $6300 raised during Swim-A-Polooza.  Our first real fundraiser in 5 years that had planning started back in April of the year.  Exciting first month.

September started with the Classic 8 Conference Relays and ended with a dual meet with Catholic Memorial which included all of us wearing our Breast Cancer Awareness shirts.  We had a good progress report type meet at Nicolet at the Knight Sprints.

October came in with our donation to Stillwaters Cancer Support Services and concluded with our Conference Meet.  The thrilling dual at Waukesha West was a highlight.

During this time frame is when we secured a private anonymous donor to help us fund a new scoreboard for the pool.  That project is still on going.

Sectionals and State were a blast!  Fastest Medley Relay in School History.  Broke a record that was set back in 1995.   Overall, three school records with the highest finish at State in a good number of years.

Now is the time to capitalize on our good fortunes, but there is no time to rest.  Each day we need to be getting better.  Time to Sharpen the Saw.  Time to make the things that worked even better, and time to get rid of the things that did not work.  Why not start that effort for the 2012 season today!

Capital Improvement Project Update

Have received a number of emails asking me how the Capital Improvement Project for the North Aquatic Center is progressing.

It is going OUTSTANDING!  And I thank everyone for all of the tremendous support along the way.  The amount of tears and sweat and fun and pain has been great, but we are closer and closer to our final goal.

To Recap:

Swim-A-Poolza happened.  And as the young kids say, it was “Off the Hook

Starter and New timing Console were then purchased.

And now, as my friend Will Smith says in Summertime….Drums Please

The new Touch Pads and Caddy for said Touch Pads has arrived and has been assembled.

They will all be used together for the first time this Thursday as part of our Pack the Pool event.   This is the kick off to Breast Cancer Awareness

Full 2011 Swim-A-Polooza Wrap Up

45 Hours later and one of the greatest Team events I have ever worked on and participated in is complete.

Thursday at 4 PM we got on the bus and went to Hartford for our first dual meet of the season.  Great start of the season for a good number of the younger swimmers to get a strong taste of what to expect.  There is a full recap in the previous post here.

8 AM on Friday we gathered at the North Aquatic Center (Editors Note: With all the capital improvements we are planning, I figure it is time that we give the pool a much better name) to start prepping for the day.  First point of business was to clean out the entire coach’s office so it could be cleaned, purged of junk, and repainted.

Starting the Relay Challenge

Once the office was cleared out , we had our first of 5 meals.  Then onto a team swim for a over and hour and a small game of water polo.  The Silver  Streak defeated the Black Thunder 10-8 for those keeping score at home.

Then it was onto the Relay Challenge.  The first swimmer in was Senior Jessica Zillmer.  The three seniors swam the first hour.

The early after noon started the first of our two stroke clinics.  Coach Dan Meinholz from All American Aquatics came in and worked on proper streamlining and did some hands on stroke analysis for the swimmers.  Coach Meinholz was barely out the door when Coach Blaine Carlson from Waukesha Express came in and brought in Coach Cam which is an underwater video camera so we could get front and side views of the swimmers from under water.  This is a tremendous asset to the swimmers.

Food Pantry Collection

Then at 6PM the team gathered and went into the community and did a scavenger hunt for the Waukesha Food Pantry.  Point values were assigned to different food items and 5 different teams went out into different areas and collected 697 food items.  And because we wanted the relay to continue, we had 7 brave Alumni come in and swim for the two hours while the current team was collecting food.  The Alumni managed to swim 7,800 meters in that stretch.

Couple more relay teams swam and a bit more eating was done until 9 PM.  That is when we had a massage therapist come in for an hour and 15 minutes.  And once that was complete we had a Yoga instructor come in also for an hour and 15 minutes.  Both activities were much appreciated by the athletes and a great deal of fun.

A little Nap

Then the long haul of eating, swimming, watching movies, and sleeping began.  By this time the office had already been finished being painted, so some time was taken to reload only necessary items back into the pool office.  If you are in the area you should see the new and improved office.

The last group jumped in at 8 AM.  And the last swimmer in the water as time ran out was Allie Smith.

Then around 9 AM the Alumni started arriving and then kept coming and coming and coming.  23 in total arrived spanning the past 15 plus years.  6 Alumni Divers started the meet off, and then we had a modified swimming portion.  The meet concluded around 11:45.

Our final meal of the day was brought in by Alumni Parents.  Mr. and Mrs Bubolz cooked hamburgers and pulled pork, while Alumni Jessica Massman made a spectacular cake for us.

Alumni Meet Cake

Final Notes:  Swam over 74,000 meters.  During the stroke clinics we did not really count laps.  And the divers received 25 meters for every entry into the water during their hour….We raised over $5400 towards our capital improvement project….The parent support for this was OUTSTANDING especially Julie and Wendy.  Without them this would not have been even close to possible….North Booster Club came to the Alumni Meet to sell spirit wear….No one that was in attendance could have claimed to not have enough to eat