Social Media for Good

Most of the time I try to use my powers for good instead of evil.  And almost all of the time my social media circles have NOT let me down.  I was recently looking for a new home and auto insurance provider and within minutes I had over 8 recommendations.  I used one of those suggestions.  The list goes on and on.

In the past I have always tried to give more than I have asked.  I think it is one of the key pieces to making social media work.

I now have another request.

The swim team I coach uses donations for part of our fundraiser.  Just like every other team and social organization, we are looking for ways to get ahead to make our program better.

What we do in return is that for any organization that donates time or product worth $100 or more will get their name on the back of our event TShirt that the kids wear that entire day and when they are out in the community.  If you are a person from an organization that may be able to donate a team meal or cases or water or massage services or you name, please send me a private/direct message.

To read about last years event, click on this link.

Drums Please

After months of work and planning, it finally happened.  The new Scoreboard was Ordered Today!  There are not enough words to describe the excitement level right now.  This will have an impact on the Swimming and Diving programs for years and years.