Drums Please

After months of work and planning, it finally happened.  The new Scoreboard was Ordered Today!  There are not enough words to describe the excitement level right now.  This will have an impact on the Swimming and Diving programs for years and years.

Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose

Let’s run through the list on the Capital Improvement Project – Phase I

  • FundraiserComplete.  Raised over $6300
  • Get “Thank You’s” out to all people and businesses that contributed to Fundraiser – Complete
  • Go to Waukesha North Booster Club and explain vision – Complete
  • Go to Kettle Moraine Booster Club and explain vision – Complete
  • Replace Starter  and Console after they fail the first meet – Complete
  • Go Back to North Booster Club and request funding for new Touch Pads – Complete
  • Use new Starter, Console, and Touch Pads in two meets without failure – Complete
  • Order a new tripod stand for new starter along with a second speaker – Complete
  • Get plans for how new scoreboard can be mounted in pool area – Complete
  • Have an anonymous donor fund the gap in scoreboard cost – Complete

Through the hard work of one our team parents we were able to find an anonymous donor who has made a generous offer to offset the cost for a new scoreboard.  This is one of the most giving things I have ever been on the receiving side.  This just reaffirms my personal position that people that work hard towards a cause will find positive results in the end.

First Leg of Swim-A-Polooza

And we are Off!

First meet of the season is in the books!

The Varsity team continued its winning streak over Hartford with a 102-68 win.  And although the Junior Varsity lost 46-114, it was mostly because of low numbers in some events.

As a coaching staff, it was great to see the progress the new swimmers made in the past 8 days as well as seeing the vast improvement in the returning kids that they made during the summer.

Varsity won 9 of the 11 events including double individual event winners Katie Breger and Briana Horozewski.

Junior Varsity won 4 of the 9 events that they were entered.  Allie Smith, Meghan Parker, and Jessica Zillmer each won events.

It was pretty evident to all those that were present that this team has added some depth that has not been present in years past.  There is a great deal of potential here that will need to be harnesses and moved into the correct direction.

The exciting part of the night was that we got to see the Hartford scoreboard.  This is very close to the same scoreboard that we are working towards.

Great work tonight.