Football Fan Fatigue

Go Pack GoIn Wisconsin they talk about Election Fatigue because of election on top of election on top of election.   Vote.  Recall.  Vote Again.  And there are yet more to come.

But as a football fan in Wisconsin, I think I am under “Big Game” football fan fatigue.

Late October, Bucky lost to Michigan State in OT.  Badgers then lost to Ohio State in OT while Luke and I are at Camp Randall in November.  Packers lose to Giants; actually get destroyed.  Bucky lost to Penn State in OT.  Then a stressful game against the Bears for the Packers.

Bucky comes back strong against Nebraska to win the Big Title Championship game.

Packers lose to the Vikings to gain a first round bye

Bucky lost their third straight Rose Bowl.

I am exhausted.  I have watched each game.  Put on all the team apparel l I have for each one of these game.  And now I need to get ramped up on four days rest for a NFL playoff game??

Not too mention I now need to start supporting the Badger basketball team.

Being a fan is a tough job, but someone has to do it!!

Getting Ready for the Rose Bowl

Put the Bucky flag up this afternoon.  It is a flag with Bucky Badger on it.  Then Michelle told me that the 1993 season Rose Bowl was on 620AM.   That game was played on January 1st, 1994.  Then it started getting me fired up for tomorrows game, and I started getting ready.

JS Rose Bowl Paper
Badger Coasters

I put today’s JS Rose Bowl section downstairs next to the remote which will control the big screen TV tomorrow.  Then I had to start getting the rest of the stuff ready.

Back to Back

Coasters and cups are out.

((As a side note, TMJ is not going to play the second game of the back to back Rose Bowl Victories against Stanford.  The 86th ever Rose Bowl.))

Then I got the remote for the TV out, and checked the Big Ten Network to see what they were going to be showing today and tomorrow.  Noted that they were going to show the 1999 Rose Bowl against UCLA.  Set the DVR to record that in HD to watch as some pregame entertainment.

Started thinking about what to wear.  So many Badger clothes, but I think I paired it down to these.

2011 Rose Bowl Clothes

Game ON!

Bowl Games and Playoffs

 Now that the Christmas Holiday is over, it is time to get ready for the Bowl Games and Playoffs.  And to add to the excitement it is Packer/Bear Week!

Badgers play on Saturday in the Granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl.  Bucky is a three point under dog, and I am hopng that they take this on as a huge “stick in the eye”.  Bucky should win this game.  Not sure if it will be big, but I was not confident going into last years destruction of Miami.  If Bucky did not turn the ball over three times that game would not even been close.  Not trying to sound like Troy Aikman or Cris Collinsworth, but if Bucky does not make turnovers or big mental mistakes, they win this game.

Packers win Sunday at home, they most likely will take the 4 hour ride to Soldier Field the following weekend to play the Bears again.  Statistically the Packers are better than the Bears in almost every category.  But that goes out the window when it is a rivalry game.

And I am still in the hunt for a fantasy football title.  The Eagles/Vikings game Tuesday will determine if I get an chance at the title in Week 17.