Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose

Let’s run through the list on the Capital Improvement Project – Phase I

  • FundraiserComplete.  Raised over $6300
  • Get “Thank You’s” out to all people and businesses that contributed to Fundraiser – Complete
  • Go to Waukesha North Booster Club and explain vision – Complete
  • Go to Kettle Moraine Booster Club and explain vision – Complete
  • Replace Starter  and Console after they fail the first meet – Complete
  • Go Back to North Booster Club and request funding for new Touch Pads – Complete
  • Use new Starter, Console, and Touch Pads in two meets without failure – Complete
  • Order a new tripod stand for new starter along with a second speaker – Complete
  • Get plans for how new scoreboard can be mounted in pool area – Complete
  • Have an anonymous donor fund the gap in scoreboard cost – Complete

Through the hard work of one our team parents we were able to find an anonymous donor who has made a generous offer to offset the cost for a new scoreboard.  This is one of the most giving things I have ever been on the receiving side.  This just reaffirms my personal position that people that work hard towards a cause will find positive results in the end.

Tick Tock Get Up No Stop

The life of a Father, a Husband, a full time employee in a tough economic climate,  that is also a swim coach, PTO President, and is also a Booster Club Member is ALWAYS on the go.  Here is a rough timeline of the past 5 days.  I know it gets long but I think it adds good perspective of what I believe is needed to be a productive member of society.  And I am not trying to compare my life to others, because we all have our own “events” in life to get through, this is just my life.  And I would have it no other way.


6:30 wake up

7:30 Leave for Client in Fond Du Lac – 1 hour and 25 minute drive

12:45 lunch

1:15 back to client

4:10 leave client with nothing really resolved, figure out who to call on return drive to get answers

5:25 arrive at swim practice

6:40 leave practice to goto Booster Club meeting to present proposal for new Touch Pads

7:42 daughter arrives a booster club meeting after finishing soccer practice.  Taking after her father, she contributes to the booster club meeting by finishing one of my sentences when I was stuck on the right word.

8:15 leave Booster Club to head home

8:57 Receive text message from Parent representative that Touch Pads were approved

8:58 Do the Happy Dance

9:10 eat dinner and talk with my loving wife as she just gets home from Church choir

10:31 Receive text message from Booster Club president thanking me for the hard work

11:35 after finishing some more work and swim paperwork go to bed


6:00 wake up and shower

6:55 drive car pool for middle school.  Have long debate with two 8th graders on the History of Rap Music

7:40 arrive at work and think about how Run DMC is dramatically overlooked in Music History

10:30 leave for client and discuss installation plan for next week.  Big downtown client. Big Project

1:45 return from client

2:00 give equipment demonstration on newer scan technology to a prospective client

3:15 equipment demonstration demo ends

4:10 leave for Classic 8 Conference Relays At Waukesha West

4:30 arrive at Waukesha West

4:48 realize that 9/11 is Sunday and try to figure out how to get some USA Swim Caps for our meet Saturday

8:15 get home from Classic 8 Conference Relays

8:15 start watching the Packers after seeing if I can be any help with middle school math, which it is determined I cannot

8:45 eat dinner

9:36 switch to Brewers game and wonder when the hitting will come back.  Flip back to the Packers

11:17 remembered the President was on TV, but cannot find any TV coverage and laptop is tracking fantasy football stats

11:35 go to bed thinking about the Super Bowl in Indy


5:00 get up and shower.   Why did I ever agreed to having my brother move 5 houses down from me

6:10 take brother in for surgery.  His third surgery in 19 months on his vocal cords

6:38 arrive at work

7:21 boss arrives. Get called into close door meeting

8:23 get out of closed door meeting

8:25 receive text from loving wife asking me if I am going to pull a Kostanza and take a nap under my desk.  She makes me laugh

8:26 really start thinking about how to build that “sleep station” under my desk.

11:23 eat lunch with my wife at Qdoba.

1:18 negotiate with All-American Aquatics to get USA Flag Caps for meet tomorrow at a reduced price

3:36 working with a minimum of five different clients at one time

3:52 leave work to deliver signs that my kid’s grade school paid to have printed

4:49 arrive at practice

6:42 with practice being over, head to football field to supervise

7:00 football game starts.  Tweet game updates under the @NorthBoosters handle

9:24 football game ends with North beating South 28-6

9:52 arrive home

10:53 a little down time and watching some Storage Wars stored on the DVR

12:02 goto bed


7:18 get up and shower

8:16 leave for kid’s soccer game

8:30 drop off kid at soccer, run around town looking for bagels for the swim team

9:30 leave soccer to goto Waukesha North to take the bus for first swimming invite

10:00 bus leaves Waukesha North and thoughts of grade school bus riding coming to mind.  Why am I on a bus?

11:00 coach’s meeting starts at Wauwatosa East

12:30 meet starts – Red Raider is always a good first invite to get the team prepped for bigger things.  Team wears USA caps but because they violate NFHS rules they cannot race in them.  Strange, I know

4:10 return back to Waukesha North

4:35 drive home after last athlete is picked up. Attention turns to wondering how Notre Dame will respond to last weeks loss

5:05 drive to Culver’s on Sunset for a snack with the family

5:58 shower after a long day at the pool

6:27 send results from the meet to the various papers and compile the team stats

6:40 Head to dinner with friends

11:24 Home from a great night out with 5 other couples.  Good Laughs.  Notre Dame lost in last 2 seconds of the game

11:42 have mild panic attack wondering if I Usher at 9:15 service tomorrow

11:48 goto bed


6:47 awaken by large cramp in my left leg

7:30 lay awake wondering when the alarm will go off and this cramp will go away

7:42  get up and shower

7:53 put on my stars and stripes shirt in remembrance of 9/11

8:13 download cbssports app for my iPhone to make sure I have Peyton Manning on the IR

8:28 eat bagel in record time so we can leave for church on time

8:34 leave for Church

9:15 Church Starts

10:47 leave Church and head to work to pick up some items needed for next week for swim practice and work

12:22 return home from eating and time to watch some Football

1:03 grass will not get cut by itself….out for some cutting on first weekend of the season

3:43 finish cutting the grass, doing some edging, and then sweeping the sidewalk

3:44 shower….i stink bad

4:18 head to my brother’s house for some dinner

7:16 return home filled with some good chicken cooked on the grill

7:17 fold laundry and empty the dishwasher

7:48 start working on the practice schedule for week 6 of the 2011 Season