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Huge Victory

Here are my unedited notes from last nights Packer Game against Houston.

Packers vs Texans

Almost a playoff game in my opinion. Lose tonight and winning the division will be tough

1st Quarter

Alex Green has potential. Like his running style.  Thought Bensen was good before injury but just never felt the energy.

Early Jordy sighting. He was on the Cris Carter’s Missing Persons list on ESPN’s NFL Countdown.

Defensive front line looks good with solid rush and push.

Michelle is going to want a Cobb jersey for Christmas.

Could possibly be the best quarter of football the Packers have played all season.

2nd Quarter

Run defense is still good but looks like Texans need to switch cleats. The RB’s are slipping a good amount.  No one on TV is talking about this

Offensive line is giving Rodgers plenty of time. 2nd TD to Jordy was a laser.

Kick return and Kick Coverage has been very solid also

Less than thrilled with Finley’s performance this season and the OPI is going to keep me on that path

Bordering on the best half they have played all season.  And Packers start with the ball in the third!

3rd Quarter

How is not a flag when JJ Watt pulls Rodgers helmet off on the sack?

Controlling the clock and ball–somewhat impressive.

Good to see ex-Bear Danieal Manning show his mad talents to give Pack a first and goal

6:44 drive to start the 3rd!!

An AJ Hawk sighting!  He is playing very well so far this season

Packers have the Texans baffled when Houston has the ball and the crowd is booing

Another slip and fall on a cut back from Foster

Packers lead in yards 326-210 and time of possession is closer than Houston would like

4th Quarter

Offensive play calling has been superior tonight. Crabtree with a great catch and run.

Would be great to get a turnover with 14 left in the game

JINX and Shields gets the INT

Alex Green has more yards than Arian Foster by almost double. Think about that for a second.  Packers rushing well and Defense holding Texans in check.

6 TD passes in a game!  Wow!  Ties Matt Flynn for the record.

Packers are making the Texans look very average

Blocked  punt – That was the real first mistake of the game. Can’t get sloppy when you want to be a champion.

Should be 6-3 heading into the bye week

Overall this was the best performance of the season.  Neutralized JJ Watt and the Texans front four, and kept them on their heels. Cannot stress enough that the play calling was well timed to keep the Texans guessing all night.


Time to Circle the Wagons

By now everyone has seen the ending of the Packer/Seahawk game from Monday Night football.

From a Coach perspective, the Packers have to move on.  They probably have off today and/or very light workouts but that is about it. Wednesday comes around and they must start preparing for the Saints.  Because if they want to make a run this season, the first step is beating the 0-3 Saints.  The schedule is actually in Green Bay’s favor and they could still be 6-2 at the break.  That is if pass protection and defense stay solid like they did in the 2nd half Monday night.  They also need to run the ball to stop the cover 2 defense.  I have never coached football, but have coached swimming with enough heart break that, the best thing to do is to get back in the water and keep training.  In this case, the NFL might issue an apology to the Packers, but it will still be a loss.

The Fan in me tells me that this is the way it goes.  The Packers should have never been in the situation to start.  The roughing the passer on the INT negated a turnover.  I second guessed even punting the ball before the last possession.  I would have rather taken a safety, and then free kicked and forced them to get into field goal range.  I hate a three man rush on situations like that drive because there is no pressure and gives the QB all the time he wants.  But that is the fan in me.

We have all seen blown calls by full time referees so a missed called happens.  I can think of a couple of baseball  playoff missed calls right off the top of my head.  Hell, who can remember the ball that Bob Boone hit that the fan robbed Ben Oglivie in Game 3 of the ALCS?  You do know that was why the yellow railing was installed at County Stadium.

I am wearing my Badger stuff today because I think Russell Wilson will be a good QB someday.  He go burned not once but twice as a Senior at Wisconsin on last minute long passes, so it is good to see him on the winning side.  He is a good person as well.  If you do not follow him on twitter, you should at @DangeRussWilson

As a member of society as a whole, and this should come to no surprise to anyone, I am going to still stand with the NFL and not the locked out officials.  I am a firm believer in asking for what you think you are worth, but you cannot loose sight of what you already have.  The average NFL Official is a part time employee working less than 20 hours a week for roughly 20 weeks and makes $148,000.   That is the average.  They want more, and now want concessions for lost wages through three weeks.  This is how business works.  Both sides are trying to do what is in the best interest of their own side.  And people that think that last nights events are going to change the Commissioners stance and get this to a quick resolution are just fooling themselves.

And finally, this had no impact on me from at Fantasy Football perspective because I have moved to 3-0 in the league that I have Golden Tate on my team.  Yes, I drafted him on the day of the Auction.  He rides the bench, but I do have him on the roster.  I suppose out of principal, I should cut him for blatantly lied on TV indicating that he did not know what the reporter was talking about the obvious push off.

NFL Experience

The boy turns 10 and it would only be fitting that we travel as a family and do something fun for it. We traveled to Indianapolis for the NFL Experience in the Indianapolis Convention Center and then had a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium the next day.

We had a spectacular time and there was a ton to do.  In a way it was a blessing that it was only in the low 30’s otherwise we could have stayed two more days to do more of the outside activities.  So much fun that we discussed going to this event when it is held in other cities.

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Stay on Target

There are times in life where a leader must set the course.  And there are going to be naysayers, haters, detractors in the crowd.  They may be verbal and they may be quiet.  And sometimes this leader, either appointed or hired or had the title thrust upon them, must embrace the opportunity in front of them.  That person must Set the Objectives, Have a Strong Vision for the Success, Communicate the blueprints for Execution, and then Carry out the Details.

At times the journey is a lonesome one.  At times, the leader may question if they are doing the correct thing.  At times, there is a key blow to the leader that puts them at a distinct disadvantage, or a key piece of their character is questioned or even severely physically injured.  It is also crucial that the Leader call upon their top assistants and aids and confidants and friends and mentors to help them get through the difficult times.  They may even have thoughts of ending the journey because of the work required to be successful.

But alas, the leader picks themselves up.  Wakes up each morning and attacks the next day.  They answer the critics either through thoughts, words, or actions.  They Stay on Target and then take themselves to yet a higher level.

Life is hard.  No one said it was going to be easy.  You must work smart and have strong desire.

I have seen this in my personal life, and I have seen it happen to those around me.  Only a strong individual can survive this.  And only a person that can learn from their mistakes can be that strong.

Yes Luke Skywalker is just a character in a movie.  But being the Head Coach of a High School swim team is real.  Being a PTO Leader is real.  Being a Husband and Father is real.  Being a Day Camp Director is real.  Being the Captain on a Varsity Team is real.  Being a Service Manager is real.  Being a Wife and Mother is real.  All require the challenge of being a great leader.

Billy Arcement posted today that “Great Leaders are reliable and responsible.  They get the job done and they do it well”

Although this is not always defining me….I sure do try to strive for it every single day!

Super Bowl Champions Wrap Up

Nothing like a solid 6 game win streak to end the season.  The last loss  was the 2nd one of back to back losses where people, including

Need to stop Eye Glare!

me, thought that the ship was taking on too much water.  Those were to the Lions at Detroit and to the Patriots at New England.  The later was with Matt Flynn at starter.

Now to the game itself….tons of commentary, and these are in no particular order.

  • The FG attempt by Suisham was a head scratcher.  A 51 yard attempt is not all that unusual but when you had stopped the Packers offensively and had forced 2 straight punts, just seemed a little odd
  • Looked like the Steelers gave up on the run too soon.  Thought they were exploiting the right side pretty well
  • Time Management was something we thought the Packers were weak on, but turns out it was the Steelers that burned precious time down the stretch.

    Channeling the inner Reggie White

  • Drops…I am not sure how A-Rodg does not blow someone up big time with Jones and Jordy dropping so many passes.  A-Rodg should have been close to 400 yards passing.  I am not sure that I have seen that many balls all season be on the hands and dropped.
  • Disappointed that a screen was not run late in the game.  Thought the drive that ended in a FG could have had a screen on first down
  • Had to channel Reggie White in the 4th.  Left the signed helmet in the case, but made people touch the case and held on to it in one hand in the 4th quarter
  • Packers had a great deal of Run/Pass balance in the previous 3 playoff games.  Not in the SuperBowl.  11 Attempts.  But I thought they were at the right time and Starks did a great job of performing when needed.
  • No stats in the box score for John Kuhn
  • Desmond Bishop probably had his best game of the season.  Three tackles for a loss.  Does that make the Packers the only team with two different Desmond’s to have Super Bowl rings

    Super Bowl Champs

  • Obvious play of the game is Matthew’s hit on Mendenhall to force the fumble.  When Woodson goes out of the game at half, someone needed to make a play
  • I know that this gets a lot of play because every team that wins says this, but I thought that they really played as a TEAM all season.  Now one person bigger than the system.  No one player bigger than the rest.  No one player thinking his stuff does not stink.  In an era where we have a group of NBA players that look for more attention, the Packers have a solid core of TEAM first guys.  This has to be Ted making sure he gets quality individuals into the system.

Back to Normal until February 5th

Now that the Big Game is over, we can all go back to our normal lives….that is until February 5th.  We can only hope that it has a similar outcome to that of the last time the Packers played indoors for the Super Bowl.  ((Side note…a little excited to see the Black Eyed Peas at Halftime.))

I really hope that some of the Bears fans do gets some counseling before the 2011-2012 season starts.  All the venom and hatred directed towards the coaching staff and players, it just cannot be good.  I do realized that calling timeout and then trying to run a slow developing end around with Earl Bennett did not turn out what you were hoping for, but Martz would not have called it if he did not think it would work.

Now I am sure you can point to other things as well, not kicking a FG to get on the board in the second quarter, phantom pass interference while covering James Jones, maybe the helmet to helmet roughing the passer call…all played a part.  But I think the better team on that day won.  Just like when Bucky lost to TCU, I was not bitter.  The better team won on that day.

But no matter what, the best play of the day was when Brandon Jackson made Brian Urlacher go back to pick up his jock.  And NO, that is not my commentary in the audio.  Great stuff…and yes I know he later had a pick, and yes I know he is still good.

Extreme Sports

This post is not so much about the Big Game on Sunday but as it is more about how out of control the fan base is becoming.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching the teams I am a fan of. I have learned to not use We, Us, They. I use the team name because I do not play for the Team or claim to be a member of the team.

But that is off topic a bit.

This about people telling me they are going to Puke if the other team wins OR I hate the Team so much that if my team loses I hope they get destroyed in the Super Bowl.

I cannot believe that it has gotten to this point.

I enjoy watching the Packers and I hope they win and play well. I wish no ill will towards the Bears or their fans. At what point have jumped from being a person that supports our Team to being so whacked out that it is tough to be around those people?

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