The Boy Turns 11

The boy turns 11 on Sunday.

Sure is hard to think back to 2002.  Like his older sister, he was born on a Sunday.  And also like his sister, we did not get to spend the

5th Birthday at Disney
5th Birthday at Disney

delivery with the obstetrician that we spent the previous months with because it was not their “on call” weekend.

Unlike his sister who decided to come into the world early, this guy wanted to stay in longer for a little more rest.  Probably 4 days longer.  And he picked a good day because it was in the mid 50’s that day.

It would be cool if I had a super story like when Anna was born.

But we watched some football in the birthing center that day at Columbia St. Mary’s.  The Saint Louis Rams  (“Greatest Show on Turf”) advanced to play the New England Patriots that day.  Micheal Jordon was on the Wizards, and Glenn Robinson was still on the Bucks.

Michelle had a spinal epidural like she did with Anna, but this time it took a little longer to wear off and her first visit to see Luke was in a wheel chair because she still did not have use of her legs.

I think that my Aunt had a date with Steve on the east side and stopped by to visit on her way to meet up with Steve.  They would get married a year and half later.

Now we fast forward to now.

Luke and Dad at LambeauLuke is a sports geek.  Not sure where he gets that.  He told me that he wants to work with computers when he gets older.  Not sure where he gets that either.  He has strong opinions on his hair.  Another strange thing that I am not sure where he gets this.  He likes soccer, swimming, going to choir, and reading.

He has already been to Miller Park, Lambeau Field, Camp Randall, and the Kohl Center for sporting events.

He is coming into his own now.  He will be in middle school in the fall.  Hard to believe that the picture above was just 6 years ago.  The one to the left was this past Packer season.

Happy Birthday Luke!

All In


We are officially a swim family now. Luke and Anna are on Express. Luke is starting in Bronze and Anna is on the verge of being on Gold. ((Luke’s number one goal is to get to be at Anna’s practice. )). I am still coaching high school, and Michelle is a swim
Mom. And that position should not be dimensioned because it is as important as the others.

I am sure we will have our ups an downs. But everyday I will remind the two kids that they should e doing this for them and not for me. I know that sounds weird but I really want them to love and enjoy the sport the way I do. To put effort in and reap the rewards at the end.

Swimming is very similar to life and I think that there are great parallels that cross over from swimming to life. The harder your work and the more you sacrifice for the greater good the further ahead you get. I am pretty sure Anna gets it. And I think Luke sees it but will get it now. I want them to want to be here not because I am dragging them.

Being the Man!

This past weekend was the Waukesha Optimist Swim Meet held over at the Waukesha South Natatorium.  Each grade school has 3 to 5 hours of practice for their 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders leading up to the meet.  It is suppose to be a meet of kids comprised of no competitive swimming experience to give them exposure to the sport.  It is a fun filled day.

My son, Luke, participated in his first Optimist.  As a Coach, I was excited.  As a Parent, I was nervous.  Luke has not had many opportunities to perform in an individual sports contest before.  Everything up to this point has been a team sport.  So the excited part wanted to see how well he would perform, the nervous part was worried about failure.  You see, Luke is hard on himself when he does not succeed.  I am not sure where he gets that from 🙂

The meet itself is a great time.  All of the kids from Bethesda swam, plunged, and dove very well.

And, Luke did well.  And not because he finished in the top 3 of his events.  He did well because he did something that he did not know he could do.

He told Michelle before the relay that he was going to swim “mad”…because he swims better when he is “mad”.  Not sure what that really means, but I know that it caused him to focus at the task at hand.

At the end it was exciting as Coach, and proud to be Dad.