And Then Part IV

Driver80Today’s episode was once again on the car pool ride to school.

Anna: Why is Donald Driver going to play for the Vikings next year?

Me: The Packers do not see value in him and they have Cobb, Jordy, and James Jones

Anna: {Shoulders starting to slouch down} But..

Me: {I interrupt her} The Packers think that these other guys are younger and faster and stronger

Anna: But those other guys drop too many passes


You have to love a daughter that likes sports as much as you do

Raising Kids is Tough

CheaterThere is never a dull moment at our house.  Between swim practice, car pool, work, a new part time job, Girl Scout Camp, working the clock, birthday parties….there are moments that make things more fun, and sometimes tough.

Anna and I do not get much time together with our schedules.  And even though we car pool with another STEM student, we talk in the morning on the way to school.

Today was a gem, and the reason for the post.

The sports news came on and they were talking about Lance Armstrong being on Oprah to tell all about his cheating.

Anna became silent.  And I do what I normally do and I asked her if she was okay.

“I am sad because Lance Armstrong lied.”

Did not know what to say.  So I just said what I really believed in my heart.

“Me too”

My guess is that we will have more discussions about this as more and more of this comes out.

True Test

There are times when life lessons are are a result of your actions, and other times life lessons find you.

In this case, Luke is going to learn a great deal about himself for about 4 to 6 weeks.  You see, he fractured his wrist at recess on Thursday and will be getting the cast on sometime later this afternoon.  Life lessons found him.

And although it may not be a life lesson like poking fun at the biggest kid in your school, it will be that type of life lesson that you learn a great deal about your self and how resilient you can be.

He has already figured out that playing video games are going to be tough, yet he figure out how to use the rest room with his “Sugar Splint” on.  First night after it happened, he struggled getting comfortable for going to bed.

Then over the weekend we found out that the Waukesha Park n Rec Soccer league rules will prevent him from playing the rest of the season.  The news was devastating to him because he was finally “getting” it on the soccer field.  He was really into proper spacing on offense, and knew what was going on.  We talked about how being a team player means going to the games the rest of the year and participating as much as possible at practice.  Just because you are injured does not mean you are not part of the team any more.

Maybe a true test for any person would be not what they do when the chips are down, but what they do when they break a bone.