2 Plus Weeks

18 Days after Surgery

Thursday will mark three weeks from the surgery date.  Anna has been going to therapy and the stitched have fully dissolved without much assistance.

The last couple days of school last week, the request was made by the PT to use one crutch more for stability in the crowded hallways.  School ended last Wednesday and we are down to no crutch.  Anna can bend it to 145 degrees and seems to be more confident each day in her ability.  She is still icing it most nights.

This is a big test this week though.  <<Insert dramatic music>>  It is the week of Girl Scout camp. Day one concluded today and she did take some Advil and did ice once tonight.  My guess is that she had to be over 10k steps each day.  That would make any normal semi athletic person tired, so I can only image how she is doing.

We continue to check in on her during the day this to make sure she is resting when able and elevating.  Next week we are back to 2 scheduled PT visits and a couple trip to Waukesha North with the school PT.

Thanks for all the cards and notes people have been sending. I know she appreciates it. It is great to have an awesome support system around us.

Kids will be Kids

I came to the realization that “staying a kid” will help me live longer.  Came to that realization over the weekend when the team that I coach ran a 24 hour Relay Swim as a fund raiser.

The team takes one hour shifts in groups of three, and of those three they take turns swimming for an hour, then a new group of three takes over.  We raise about $2000, we collect food for the local food panty, and we have some great team bonding.

Some of them take longer naps, some stay awake as long as possible then crash.  Me, I took about a two hour nap around 3:45 AM in my folding chair.

But seeing all the energy the kids have reminded me that it is fun to still be that way.  It is fun to be silly, yet to still have control over what you are doing.  It is good to have fun and put a smile on your face.

And here is proof…if you do not laugh at my mad skillz, then something is wrong with you.


The kids thought today would be a snow day.  They did the little snow dance, they put spoons under their pillow, they put a white crayon in the freezer, and I think they even flushed an ice cube down the toilet, all in hopes for the elusive Snow Day.  But, Mother Nature did not oblige yet.

So the question for me is when did we reach the tipping point where people are so self absorbed that they drive without brushing off their car.  Now, maybe self absorbed is a little strong, and maybe some people think it is a bit presumptuous of me to tell other people that they need to brush off their car.

But is it not just a matter of safety?  And a matter of helping those around you drive better in these poor conditions.  If you already have 6 inches of snow on your car, do you think that the extra 5 minutes it takes to brush off  your car are going to get you to your destination any faster?  Chances are the road conditions are poor and slow, and you not brushing off your car are now adding to the pain the rest of us are going through.

Maybe we need to have a Snow Removal Awareness Month and use a White Ribbon??