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I miss Camp

I posted the title on my Facebook page this morning, and the first response was that I was weird.  But it is true that I do already miss Girl Scout camp.

I am often asked why I go to camp.

Is it because my wife is the Day Camp Director and runs a camp that may be on any given day over 500+ people on the grounds?  Did I mention it is largest volunteer run Girl Scout Camp in the nation?  This is not really why, but it does make it a great week of family fun.

Is it because I have extra vacation time and need to burn it up before I lose it?  Not really, but I am blessed to have a boss and company that really does understand the value of a strong community, and that volunteering in said community is important.

It is because I really do not believe that there are enough opportunities for young women to make a difference and to have leadership roles.  This year I worked with 4 of the 114 Program Assistants (PA’s) that range from kids going into 7th grade to kids finishing 12th grade.  It was a great experience to see them work together and to help younger Girl Scouts understand the finer points of canoeing.  It is also part of the reason I coach High School swimming.  I just want to make sure that there are situations in life that allow young women to make choices on how they can be Strong Leaders in the world going forward.

Next year my daughter will be a first year PA.  I am sure she is excited for that as much as I am.

And I cannot wait for Camp next year.


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