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For Good Instead of Evil

honor pinThese past couple weeks I have used the expression “Using my powers for Good instead of Evil” more than a couple of times when talking to friends. It came up with co-workers, coaching buddies, and church members.

Yesterday in the mail, Michelle received a letter from the Girl Scout office.  Enclosed was a letter informing her that she is going to receive the Honor Pin.

Not knowing exactly what the award signifies, I went online to check it out.  From sources on line from various Girl Scouts of America council websites I was able to determine a couple of things:

  • The second highest award in Girl Scouting for volunteers
  • The service performed by the candidate is above and beyond the expectations for the position held, and has
    made an impact on a geographic area within the council’s jurisdiction
  • In Milwaukee, you need three letters of recommendation
  • Because you are nominated, you usually do not know that you are going to be up for the award or receive the award until you are notified

The process leading up to the award started long ago when Anna started in Daises and had progressed all the way to now being Day Camp Co-Director for one of the largest volunteer led camps in the state of Wisconsin.

A great honor for a really great person.  Using her powers for Good instead of Evil.

That is what it is all about!


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