2010 in Review – Second Half

Columbus Install

The second half of 2010 started with the end of Girl Scout Day Camp at Camp Winding River in Neosho, followed by one day to sleep in and then a trip to Little Muskego Lake for the 4th of July festivities with friends.  2nd year in a row we have been there and the water ski show never disappoints.  Team Bedalov also accompanied me to an install in Columbus, Indiana.  It turned out to be a relaxing vacation between two long drives.

20th Season Begins!

August means one thing in our house.  Start of the High School Swim Season.  Season #20 started and thus my extra free time gets cut down dramatically.  However, Michelle and I did sneak a weekend away to go see one of my favorites swimmers get married.  Mel and Mike tied the know in Illinois.  Preparation for school was well underway.

Anna-6th Grade

September did mean school was starting.  Anna was making a big step and was going to start middle school.  But not only that, she was was going to attend the STEM Academy.  She is being challenged and enjoys the environment.  Luke is in third grade and working hard to score really high in Math and Spelling.  It also marked a time where Michelle was going back to work.  She started working 6.5 hours a day at Bethesda as a LD Aide.  She really enjoys working with the kids.  And it makes me proud that she has found something that she feels good about in a work setting.

Luke-3rd Grade

We also made the tough choice in leaving our church and we started attending St. Luke’s Lutheran in Waukesha.  It was one of the hardest decisions Michelle and I have made together.  The kids love it at St. Luke’s and are active in the choir and hand bells.  Michelle even joined the choir.  Sorry Joanne 😦 My guess is that sometime in 2011 we will take the new members class and join.  And as an added bonus it is right across the street from Taco Johns!!!!

October was more swimming and weekends filled with football.  I took my brother to the Bucky vs Brutus game at Camp Randall.  Lost my voice on the opening kickoff return for a TD and is was mass chaos the rest of the game.  The WNKM Swimming and Diving team did a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness and designed an awesome t shirt. We raised close to $300 but already have plans to make it bigger and better next season.  And, this cannot be over looked, Michelle won the fantasy baseball league for the second straight year behind the strength of her new boyfriend, Albert Pujols.

Camp Randall

November had the conclusion of the swim season, and the team had the best finish in about 10 years and was rewarding to the student/athletes and to myself.  Learned a great deal this season.  We also had our first ever, Bedalov/Badger Weekend, with hopes of doing it again in the future.   Hockey game on Friday night followed by a football game on Saturday.  Bucky scores 10 touchdowns in the kids first ever game.

Bedalov/Badger Blast

And that brings us back to December.  Kids are antsy for Christmas to start, the tree goes up, weekends filled with watching football, getting eliminated from the Survivor Pool in Week 14 after last years Week 17 debacle, fantasy football wrapping up, Michelle concluding her first fantasy football season, sending and receiving Christmas Cards.

Looking forward to 2011!!

2010 in Review – First Half

We come to the end of another year.  There were so many things that happened during the year, it was hard to think of all of them.

Favre goes Down

The year started at the same place it ended the year before, and the same place it will end this year, at Matt Miller’s house.  He has been a gracious host for a great New Year’s Eve party.  I spent a great deal of time at Waukesha North working basketball games and swim meets.  Black Beauty started the year with about 148k but needed a new battery…I think it was still on the original.  My grandparents also celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.

We traveled to Madison a great deal again this year.  In February the Badgers played the Wolverines at Camp Randall in hockey.  Outside Hockey is something else.  I thought the Badgers did a great job and I hope it comes back some day.  We got to go into the Heritage Club because we were with a Badger

W Club
Kyle, RJ, Chris, Michelle

Varsity Award Winner in of all sports, baseball.  Chris was in one of the last couple of seasons Bucky had baseball.  Luke and I went to a Badger basketball game (inside), saw Bucky beat Michigan State again.  Luke had his birthday party in February because of all the other things going on we could not have it in January.

I tried this strange thing called Reading this year all.  I read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and Trust Agents by Chris Brogan.  I actually received a signed copy of Trust Agents from my good friend Joe Sko.

Mollet's and Bedalov's

February ended with a trip with the family and the Mollet’s to Point Hilton in Squaw Peak, Arizona, and March started with a trip to Amelia Island Plantation Resort with my brother and his golf buddies.  I look forward to going on both trips again in 2011.  I know the golf trip is moving to a new location, but I am not sure where the Bedalov/Mollet goup is headed this year.

Brian, Q, Jeff, Kyle - MUHS Alumni

The snow melted early and construction started.  Michelle and I went with some MU alums (Ed, Cheryl, Steve, Michelle) to the first and second round tournament games at the Bradley Center.  Sat behind a guy with a really fat head.  Anna swam really well at the Waukesha Optimist Meet, and the month ended with Opening Day.  Went for the 2nd year in a row with Demo!

April started with my boss asking me to leave work early to play golf.  WHAT???  I had to say yes.  So, we left early and played a round at the Legends of Brandybrook.  We took in a few more baseball games with hopes that

Mark turns 40

the Brewers would do better now that Rickie Weeks would be better.  Michelle’s cousin Mark had his 40th birthday party at yet another Brewers game.  He had excellent weather for it.  Went with my friend Dan to see AC/DC at the Bradley Center.  It was one of the best Concerts Ever!  Luke and I went to an Admirals playoff game.  Nicole signed her National Letter of Intent to be a Maverick.  Traveled to Alabama for work to see a reprographics shop down there.  Learned to say Roll Tide while there.


New Grill!

Started playing golf at Western Lakes in May.  The weather was too nice not to.  Started grilling out more our new grill.  Luke won the Open-minded Award at school.  I traveled to Palm Springs for work (and got a round of golf in).  Bethesda had its first ever Walk to raise money for school improvements.  And it was a big success.  Kids got their first ball at Brewers game when we sat in TGIFriday’s for batting practice.  And we did a little canoe training indoors at Waukesha North.

Home Sweet Home

The first half of the year ended with the World Cup in full swing.  It also included a trip to Noah’s Ark.  Noah’s Ark won a hard fought battle with the kids losing.  We took my brother’s kids to Taco John’s for a treat on a Saturday for lunch.  Black Beauty goes over 155K.  The month ended with start of Girl Scout Camp.  Michelle was a co-director again this year, and I was running the Canoe station with 5 new program assistants.  Almost perfect conditions for the entire week.