Full Circle

MomIt was a long three day celebration for Team Bedalov:

  • Mom going on to eternal life
  • Anna participating in her 1st ever Varsity Conference Meet
  • And then Anna having the reaffirmation of her Baptismal vows

A big THANKS to all of the family and friends for their support this week leading up to the gathering Friday afternoon.  It has been a tough time for my Dad, brother, and myself.  But with all of you coming to talk and remember Mom and her great smile, made the pain lessen for at little time.  Dad will need our support for some time.  But he is strong, and will our help he can do it.  And Mom is in a much better place.

As a side note, the people at Krause Funeral Home were spectacular.  Their care and concern the entire process was that of professional Confirmationand compassion the entire time.

With all of the emotion the entire week and Friday, I was worried how I and Anna would do on Saturday.  More worried as the parent, less worried as the Coach.  As a parent there are moments when there is not much you can do to help your child.  We crossed that bridge during the third 25 of her 100 Fly.  It looked like the tears of sorrow from the night before finally caught up to her.  But the last 25 she found another gear and was able to finish the race strong with her second best time ever.

The meet ended with two 14th place finishes in individual races and a 7th and 8th place finish on relays.  A positive experience all around.

And then today we had a beautiful church service for Anna’s confirmation.  It was a great conclusion to a great three days.  More family and friends were in attendance to help celebrate.

Great deal of emotion these past three days.  A great deal to celebrate as well.

Sharpen the Saw

Now that the season is fully complete, it is time to start gearing up for the 2012 season.  With only 252 days to go, there is a great deal to get done!  One of those things is to sharpen the saw.

Sharpen the Saw to me is to take the things that I am weak and make them into strengths.  Sharpen the Saw to me is to take the things that I am average at and make them great.  Sharpen the Saw to me is to take things that I am great at and make them OUTstanding!

This also includes getting a bit more rest along with making sure that I reconnect with my family.  Sounds strange, but when you are a stranger for 14 weeks, it is good to sit down on a Sunday night and not worry about a workout/lineup, but rather to introduce the card game Bullshit to your 4th and 6th grade kids.

It also means that I have bit more time to read.  Although I am not an avid reader like the rest of the family, once I do find a book or topic I tend to go over board.

The book I recently read cam from my friend Dan.  In fact Dan gave this to me during the swim season at one of the kids soccer games.  It came at a point in the season where I was struggling.  Wish I would have read the book when Dan gave it to me.

The book is Coach: Lessons on the Game of Life by Michael Lewis.  This is must read for all Middle School and High School coaches that are not sure if they are on the path to success in the new age culture of “keeping everyone happy” world of coaching.

The part of me that hits home in this book is that I think we are too worried about making everyone feel good and not worried about how much time and effort is really needed to succeed in sports, or in life.  There are no short cuts from hard work.  Some kids understand that now, others get it later in life.  My job as the coach is to make them realize it sooner.  It is a struggle.

We compete in one of the best, if not the best, conference in the state of Wisconsin for Women’s High School Swimming and Diving.  With the #1 team and #2 team and another top 5 team in the State in the Classic 8 Conference, there are no off days.  For us to be competitive, everyone on the team needs to make the next step up.  Everyone needs to get it.

What are you doing to Sharpen your Saw?  What are you doing to get ready for the 2012 Season?