Car Pool = Source

Driver RetirementI am pretty sure that Donald Driver must have read my last post and the subsequent posts on FB.  Because the news of his retirement broke while in the car pool this morning.

Radio: Donald Driver has announced his retirement from the Packers

Me: That’s cool

Anna: Hope he doesn’t pull a Favre


Really.  You cannot make this stuff up.  I may have to start video recording the rides to school if they are going to stay this good

And Then Part IV

Driver80Today’s episode was once again on the car pool ride to school.

Anna: Why is Donald Driver going to play for the Vikings next year?

Me: The Packers do not see value in him and they have Cobb, Jordy, and James Jones

Anna: {Shoulders starting to slouch down} But..

Me: {I interrupt her} The Packers think that these other guys are younger and faster and stronger

Anna: But those other guys drop too many passes


You have to love a daughter that likes sports as much as you do