Back to Normal until February 5th

Now that the Big Game is over, we can all go back to our normal lives….that is until February 5th.  We can only hope that it has a similar outcome to that of the last time the Packers played indoors for the Super Bowl.  ((Side note…a little excited to see the Black Eyed Peas at Halftime.))

I really hope that some of the Bears fans do gets some counseling before the 2011-2012 season starts.  All the venom and hatred directed towards the coaching staff and players, it just cannot be good.  I do realized that calling timeout and then trying to run a slow developing end around with Earl Bennett did not turn out what you were hoping for, but Martz would not have called it if he did not think it would work.

Now I am sure you can point to other things as well, not kicking a FG to get on the board in the second quarter, phantom pass interference while covering James Jones, maybe the helmet to helmet roughing the passer call…all played a part.  But I think the better team on that day won.  Just like when Bucky lost to TCU, I was not bitter.  The better team won on that day.

But no matter what, the best play of the day was when Brandon Jackson made Brian Urlacher go back to pick up his jock.  And NO, that is not my commentary in the audio.  Great stuff…and yes I know he later had a pick, and yes I know he is still good.

Extreme Sports

This post is not so much about the Big Game on Sunday but as it is more about how out of control the fan base is becoming.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching the teams I am a fan of. I have learned to not use We, Us, They. I use the team name because I do not play for the Team or claim to be a member of the team.

But that is off topic a bit.

This about people telling me they are going to Puke if the other team wins OR I hate the Team so much that if my team loses I hope they get destroyed in the Super Bowl.

I cannot believe that it has gotten to this point.

I enjoy watching the Packers and I hope they win and play well. I wish no ill will towards the Bears or their fans. At what point have jumped from being a person that supports our Team to being so whacked out that it is tough to be around those people?

BIG Game

The big game is this week. Winner to the Super Bowl, loser is just that, a loser

I have not been trashing talking anyone or anything the past few weeks. Karma is a bitch when it bites you in the ass!!

For Christmas I got a Clay Matthews jersey and I have not let Michelle wash it yet because the Packers keep winning and I am afraid

Clay Matthews #52

of having all the positive mojo taken off the jersey.

I believe, like Kevin Costner does in Bull Durham, in the streak. You just do not mess with it. So I have been wearing the same shirt each game day.

On paper, the Packers are better in almost every major statistical category except for maybe punt return average and run defense….besides that they are better than the Bears.

And if the watched the Bear/Seahawks you noticed the Bear put some more gimmick offense in the mix by running the Wildcat three times including a Matt Forte INT. Has to be for potential schemes this week.

The real Jay Cutler will show up Sunday. We all know it. Packers should win easily. They are the better team.