Fun Facts

Grew up Catholic, went to a Jesuit High School, then went to a Presbyterian College, was married in a Methodist Church, was attending a Congregational Church, am now attending a Lutheran Church

Joined LinkedIN on May 12, 2006

Joined Facebook sometime in October of 2006

Joined Twitter on October 3, 2008

Still think that AC/DC may have been the greatest indoor concert.  Van Halen the best Outdoor – 3rd Row

Received my Eagle Scout award May 3rd, 1985 from Boy Scout Troop 61 in Milwaukee, WI

Started tracking my Sports Event attendance on ESPN.  Have determined that I have a problem 🙂

Convinced that Fantasy Football is better than Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball Combined

First Trip on a plane was Junior Year of HS to Philadelphia, PA for the National Catholic High School Championship Swim Meet held at Villanova University

First Music Tape purchased was 9012Live by Yes

First CD owned was won on call in show and was Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Was in Australia for New Year’ Eve in 1990

First jobs include Milwaukee County Lifeguard, Playground Supervisor, and Fry Boy at the Original Kopp’s Custard

Took the DSHA Swim team to see Rudy in 1993 as a motivational tool!  Still ranks high on my list of all time movies

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