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One Done One Beginning

We have hit the transition phase at Team Bedalov.  Anna’s swim season goes on hold while she picks up soccer, while Luke starts getting ready for the Optimist, and then picks up on swim where Anna left off.

2013 RegionalsAnna finished her club season this past weekend with a 3 day, 7 individual event / 2 relay swim meet.  He confidence is getting stronger and is really looking strong in the water.  She dropped over 14.5 seconds in her 6 swims, and her time swimming backstroke for the first time was good.  This is pretty big step for someone that has really only been a part time swimmer up to this time.  This summer should lead into a great freshman campaign in the fall.

And the key thing that I keep reminding her is that the times will drop when they are ready to drop.  That good technique is paramount at this stage.  Technique is the cornerstone of long term success.  Good streamline, proper turns, aggressive break out make you better in the long run.

But for now she is now onto Track and Soccer

Luke starts Optimist practice this week.  And although I have helped in the past, I am the coach running the show this year.  The Optimist Swim Meet is a meet where the Waukesha grade schools, grades 3, 4, and 5 receive 5 hours of practice time and then have a meet against each other.

I am sure that Luke is ready to go out on Top as a 5th grader this year.  He is fired up for the Hot Pink shirts this year.

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