Barnacles on the Wheels of Progress

North Aquatic Center

Now if you did not have Fr. Kelly for class at MUHS the title of this post may never make sense to you.

Barnacles are invertebrate animals that live in the water and attach them selves to hard substrates.  Fr. Kelly would always use that analogy when the light bulb went off and he knew the class was finally understanding the task at hand.  We were the barnacles, and we were grabbing on to the wheel of progress.

I am using it as a way to remind myself that we are making large strides even after Swim-A-Polooza to get us closer to Step 1 of the North Aquatic Center capital improvements.

The Colorado Timing Systems System 6 along with a Championship Starter are en route to the team.  There is some great anticipation to have this functioning for the next home meet.

This is a BIG accomplishment for the team.  This started as a small idea back in the spring of this year, and is not getting closer and closer to completing the first stage.