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March Madness

March MadnessThose that have known me for some time, March Madness is one of my favorite sports events.  Opening of College/Pro football season, any lazy Saturday at a ball game, High School Swimming State Championships, and March Madness.  And when the opportunity arises to attend any of those, I take the opportunity to jump on it.

And that was the case yesterday for the 2nd round games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  I think this was the 4th or 5th time I have gone to the games at the BC.

But this blog has nothing to do with the games.  This has to do with technology, and how poor the consumers in the sports world are treated when it comes to internet access.

Other industries have caught on and have catered to some extent to the consumer.  Look at the airline industry and airports.  Some require paid service, some have free service; yet they have extended support to the consumer with charging stations as well.  Fast food has figured it out as well.  Any Culvers, Chili’s, McDonald’s — all with free WiFi.  Department stores like Target also have it figured out.

Why is it taking so long for sports to figure it out?

Yesterdays games were atrocious when it came to knowing the stats of our game, and the stats of the other games all being played at the same time.  The Highlights from other games happened close to 25 minutes earlier when the score and outcome were already determined.  There was 27 minutes in between games in both Session 1 and Session 2.  Why were not shown other games on the scoreboard.  CBS and the NCAA own every aspect of this, so put them on.  The scoreboard showing the “Out of Town Scores” was posting the wrong scores.  ((NDState beat Oklahoma, but you would never know looking at the scoreboard))

I am sure that the almighty dollar and naming rights is the ultimate answer.  But in the mean time, the consumer is taking it in the shorts.


Liebster Award

Yay! I have been nominated by my friend Dana Wielgus, or as I like to call her, Dana Northstar, to receive a Liebster Award!


This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers by other bloggers. It’s a way to publicize & promote your blog, gain more activity on your site, and overall acknowledge your fellow bloggers’ awesomeness, despite the lower numbers of readers. Thank you so much, Belle, for the honor!

Here are the rules for the nominee (Me):

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you in a post.
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger (Dana) created
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers whom deserve recognition (you cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you)
  • Post 11 new questions for them to answer
  • Notify all nominated bloggers

11 Facts about Kyle

  1. I am an Eagle Scout. A dying breed. Not many more good ones out there that understand how great of an honor this is
  2. Celebrated being married 20 years this past week by being at Girl Scout Camp with my entire family
  3. I have been an IT nerd since sophomore in high school when I joined Computer Homeroom.
  4. Marquette University High School is a great high school. Unless you attend class there, you will never fully understand the bond that an all male high school can have.
  5. Met my lovely bride in fact #2 freshman year at Carroll College. Her first impression of me was not great. Ask her about it sometime 🙂
  6. Swimming has been a passion of mine for a long time. Coached 16 years at Divine Savior Holy Angles before moving to Waukesha North in 2007. I will be eternally grateful to Peggy Braun for taking a chance on me to coach.
  7. Hate the fact that there is not enough time in the day or week or month to staff fully connected with my friends from High School and College. No matter how much time is carved out, there is still not enough
  8. Traveling to Australia during January of 1991 will always be one of the greatest trips of my life
  9. It has taken this long to get to my passion for sports and fantasy sports? Something is wrong. ESPN is a mandatory channel selection and the NFL RedZone is the greatest thing ever invented. Fantasy football is something that I take serious but it does help with fact #7
  10. Same with Golf. Enjoy playing golf or as my brother calls it “Hit and Chase”. No course is a garbage course when playing gold, well except for Portage Country Club. That is a Dog Track
  11. My real brother Brian, lives 5 houses from me, and “my bro” lives 0.5 miles away from me. My real brother is often accused of being older, although I am 4.5 years older. “My Bro” is Jim. At Girl Scout camp, a number of the younger campers often thin we are brothers.
Brian and I

Brian and I

Jim and I

Jim and I

11 Answers for Dana:

1. Why did you start blogging, and why? Really wanted to capture my thoughts while practicing to write more. Most of you know that I have a million things in my head at one time and I thought this would help get them out in an organized way. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go, and why?
As long as I can take Michelle with me, we are going back to Australia. Just something about the people and the culture that is so much fun

3. If you had the chance to travel back in time or into the future, which would you pick, and what would you want to see/find out?
Future. So I could see how my kids turn out. Not that I am going anywhere soon, just want to make sure they are productive members of society that are happy and loved.

4. Apple or PC?
PC. MAC this, Mac that…still cannot live without a PC

5. How did we meet?
I was the Head Swim Coach and you were the eldest Diver on the team. And we probably met at GS Camp as well.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
Planning to get everyone out of the house, cook up a steak on the grill with mushrooms, turn on ESPN, while drinking a cold beer

7. At my funeral, I want this song played:
Good Riddance by Green Day off the Nimrod album

8. What do you think of when you hear, “Wisconsin?”
Camp Randall Stadium on a cold crisp fall afternoon with 90,000 fans screaming for Bucky

9. What is your favorite season and why?
Summer. Pool, Beach, BBQ, Beer, Golf

10. I never, ever, want to do this again:
Be too busy for a friend in need.

11. What do you like most about yourself?
That I am a giver and not a taker

I Nominate:

  1. Jason Muelver at
  2. Lisa Dorsey at a Blessed Life
  3. Shiloh Buchman at Hand It Over
  4. Erika Berger at the American Calgarian
  5. Dave Erickson at Nerds Eye View
  6. David Wallach at Pace of Chicago
  7. Another Dave I respect in Dave Steffen at
  8. The Principal of the Purple Palace by Jody Landish
  9. Dale Van Keuren at The Tech Corner
  10. SDW Technology Now
  11. Brenda Ster at the Charmed Suite

My Questions for the Nominees:

  1. Greatest Sporting Event you have ever attended and why
  2. Holiday Parades? – In or Out and why
  3. What is your greatest fear
  4. Favorite State to visit
  5. Who is the greatest inspiration in your life
  6. If there is a person that you could spend one day with, past or present, who would it be?
  7. Favorite Concert of all time that you attended and why
  8. Summerfest or State Fair? Please defend your position
  9. If you were forced to give up one of the 5 senses, which one would it be
  10. What candy could you never give up
  11. Ice Cream or Custard? There is a difference, pick one.

Thanks Readers! ((Editor’s Note: There is no real award handed out for this – Just a great way in my opinion to develop more ideas for posts and to get more readers))

Runs in Streaks

Ever notice that things in your life run in streaks.

Last week I felt my brain was a little overloaded, and I posted a tweet and a Facebook Status indicating as such.  Mostly that I needed a brain doubler like in Johnny Mnemonic.

Then it happened this morning.  The ultimate internal slam for an IT Professional, especially one that is over the top OCD on things like this.

Ohhh Noooooo!

Now I know that Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is real and should not be poked like a sleeping bear.  But those that know me close, know that (and some think) I have a very mild case of it.  So, a mailbox going over a size limit, just sent me over the edge this morning.

Needed to start cleaning.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!  Organizing is one of my strengths.

And I am happy to report that the world is back in normal working fashion

Back in Business

Going to need to run a 5 Why’s to determine how I let this get this far.

History of the Ride

Black Beauty is no more. So I thought I would go back and relive the History of all of My Rides up to this point. And let me tell you, it was great thinking of all the awesome things I have done with these cars.

The vehicles below are the ones where I was the primary driver.  All have been automatic transmission.

Vehicle #1 – 1983 Silver Mazda 626

I was not able to find any good pictures to fully represent this machine. First car that I ever owned. My dad made me take it to a dealer to have it tested to make sure it was a good buy. And since I was still living at home at the time, I did as my Dad said.  Did not know much about cars….I know, hard to believe based off what I know now, which is zero.  But I did know that this was the key to having a job, because I did not want to drive this car forever.

1989 Beretta GT

Vehicle #2 – 1989 Black Chevy Beretta GT

Favorite part was the digital dashboard. It totally rocked. Reminded me a great deal of Knight Rider. The video below will show why.

Also, I had a monster size trunk that allowed, ready for this, to take three 15 inch CRT monitors still in the box with me for installs for the job I had at the time. Pretty sure that this car made a great deal of trips from Milwaukee to Madison.

1995 Pathfinder

Vehicle #3 – 1995 Blue Nissan Pathfinder SE

First vehicle with 4 wheel drive, and could be switched on the fly. This was a beast. We were sitting at a stop light one time, and got rear ended from someone, and it did not even put a dent into the trunk.  We used it for a ton of stuff. It carried all of the bricks for our flag pole retaining wall. It helped us move from the old house to the new house. It eventually had to be put down because it needed too much in repairs. If I remember correctly, we started this out on a lease for under $200 a month.  I had a Badger and a Notre Dame tire cover for the spare tire that was on the back of the truck.

1999 Altima

Vehicle #4 – 1999 Black Nissan Altima SE

After 171K, Black Beauty needed too much extra work to keep her going. Breaks were starting to fail, power antenna stopped working years ago, remote key lock was suspect for the past year, power window on driver’s side needed extra help to close all the way.  I think Michelle was glad to be rid of this car.  She did not enjoy it being such a low rider 🙂   It had just the right amount of cup holders as well.  Made it through a good deal of swim practice and meets and was good at waiting around for swimmers to be picked up.

2011 FIT

Vehicle #5 – 2011 Vortex Blue Pearl Honda FIT Sport

Since I am driving over 17 thousand miles a year with more than sixty percent being for work, I needed something that was getting better than the 22 mpg that I was getting with Black Beauty. Giving a little up in trunk space but am gaining it all back on comfort and smooth ride. In all the research done before the purchase, most magazines had it rated first or second in its class and it was a Best Buy in Consumer Reports.  After fice days, I am still jacked up for the history that can be made in this one.  And the quest for the perfect nickname for this one is now on.

TED – Ideas Worth Sharing

I am not sure how many people watch TED or for that matter, even know what TED is about.  I really did not know much about it, until my boss asked me if I ever watched stuff on the site.  I said NO.  But once I got an iPad, and downloaded the TED application, I have gotten into the habit of trying to watch TED.

From their own website:

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

Ideas Worth Spreading.   Think about it.  In a nutshell it is part of what Social Media is all about.  Ideas that we think are good, that we are trying to share with others.  Not for any motif of profit or fame or glory…but to make things better.  The TED mission is simply stated in Spread Ideas.

The site itself is mostly videos of speakers talking about ideas that will help change in a positive way.

Now the video I am showing below is about 18 minutes long and it specifically is in relation to Social Media, but the key is the last three minutes.

Morgan Spurlock says “When you train your employees to be risk adverse, then you’re preparing your whole company to be reward challenged.

That is just powerful.

Watch the video here:

Social Media – It is Not for Everyone

I have come the realization that Social Media is not for everyone.  There will always be those people that are critical of tools like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn….  And I think it has partial to do with not knowing about the tools and how they work, but more with the fact that they do not see the value in using the tools.

Once we can show the value in using the tools, I think more of the naysayers will change their position.

It is not about what I did today.

It is not about self promotion.

It is not that I want to be heard.

It is not to prove that I have a worth to society.

It is not about instant gratification

It is not about immediate returns

It is not easy

It is not about having the most followers, the most friends, the most contacts

It is not just for teenagers or the “younger crowd”

It is not Customer Service

It IS because they are conversation tools that build relationships.

It IS because they are ways to contribute to the betterment of the business and industry I am involved, and society as a whole.

It IS because they aide in collaboration for projects, getting job, researching a new product, etc

It IS because they make a real connection.  A human connection to another human being.

It IS because they build a community of people that have similar interests.

It IS because they share information.  Information is power.  The quality of your information allows you start the IS list over again!

Cheat Codes

Really been struggling with this one.  Is it being tenacious with a strong desire to succeed via a great work ethic and wanting to finish a project OR is it just a lazy way out?

Luke has been playing a Nintendo DS for a long time.  At the age of 9, he is already on his second one.  He puts a great deal of mileage on it.

I made the mistake one time when he and I were playing Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga for the Wii and we were 98% complete, to download the Walk Thru to find the last 2%.  That was the start of the end.

Now fast forward as Luke tries to play the Legend of Zelda.

Once he gets stuck, he jumps to the WWW and starts looking for the answer.

I have to give him credit.  He learned about bookmarks real quick on a browser.  He learned how to do a search via Yahoo.  He learned to find the Walk Through/Cheat Code.  He then still had to apply the stuff he was reading and still perform the actions in the game.

I can see the plus and the minus on both sides.  He is being creative and learning and using his powers for good.

But there are no Cheat Codes in life.

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