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To Help People At All Times

10465417_10154287984075338_4733251711735683793_oTomorrow is the last day of Camp for us for a while. 

It will be the conclusion of my 9th year leading the Canoe station at Prairie Hill Day Camp. If you count the year I shadowed Moose, then it would be 10 years.  Plus a couple years I came before that as just a Dad.

But this story is not really about my time at camp. And, unlike the past 50 posts here and on Facebook, it is not about Anna either. 🙂 Although she has been at camp for a long time also.

This time it is the real brains and power behind day camp….Michelle, I mean Sprinkle.

She has been at camp longer than me.  Worked in Pee Wees when Luke was little. Then shadowed a year with Beenie and Yoda.  Tinkle and Sprinkle ran the show for a couple years, and then Sprinkle organized 500+ people for a couple years by herself.

Then Lipstick came forward and it has been the Sprinkle and Lipstick show since then.  This is Lipstick’s last year also. Along with Bullseye, Sparky, and Scooby Dee. It has been a fun ride. 

The camp has gone from stuffing envelopes and mailing confirmations to campers from our basement to now where the process is all online. It has gone from working on crazy schedules trying to get swimming and canoe to share time at the Pond every day at Camp1044610_10151688864060901_495590608_n Winding River to now having all the beach space we need to run both stations at the same time at Camp Pottawatomie Hills. Even the bus pick up has changed.

During this time the weather has pretty much been spectacular with just a handful of rain days and a couple episodes of lightning. Did I mention that we lost power for 7 plus hours this year on Monday night? We have even celebrated our wedding anniversary more than once at camp.

The amount of time and effort I have seen Sprinkle put in the months leading up to camp, while still working full time, is just amazing. She attends the Directors meetings once a month. She responds to email at all hours of the day. She thinks about Camp so much that it even gets in her dreams. You will have to ask her about that one.

She deflects the praise and recognition all of the time. Sprinkle will tell you that she has good people in the right places and that is why camp runs smoothly. Or, that she gets great support from Velma at the GS Office. She is the epitome of a Team Culture when it comes to camp. That is what a great leader does.

Sprinkle does it because she loves camp and what the Girls Scouts do for the community in building strong female leaders.  This is her “fun job”.  

I know the rest of the people stepping down this year do it for similar reasons as Sprinkle, it just happens that I see it up close each day and night. 

As she said in the program guide, “It’s hard work, but my favorite memories are “camping” with the girls and adult volunteers. I’ve made so many lifelong friends. It’s amazing to unplug and be surrounded by my wonderful camp family all week once a year.”

Thanks Michelle for being an outstanding leader and role model not only for our children but for all of the future leaders. We love you!!


And the Year is Done

Today is the last day of school.  Last Day of Anna being a high school student, and last day of Luke being a Freshman. It was a great school year for both while fun watching the both grow away from each other as much as they grew together. Something about a 15-minute car ride each day that will do it for siblings.

Graduation is Saturday and while Anna is receiving her diploma, Luke will be in the choir singing.

And then it is a busy summer with camp, orientation, wisdom teeth out, and mission trip for Anna.  This while Luke is headed to morning practices for a swim, Camp Trotier, and the same mission trip with Anna.

Bring on Summer! It is going to be Fantastic!

Bucky For President

Editor’s Note: Most of this true but the other parts are to be tongue and cheek humor. It is up to you as the reader to figure out which is which. 

Editor’s Note Part II: Congrats to the Hawks for winning the Cup. Winning a championship at any level is a daunting task. And at this level where the play is so elevated, a tip of the hat is needed. bucky-badger-university-of-wisconsin-jack-zulli

There are pictures of me being 3 years old in a Packer helmet. I went to Game 5 of the 1982 World Series where Yount was a beast. I went to Bucks playoff games in the Mecca to see Super Sid and Marques. I have been a season ticket holder for Badger football and basketball since the early 90’s. Even when the chips are down and the teams are bad, I support my Wisconsin teams.

I will not cheer for the Bears.

I will not cheer for the Bulls.

I will not cheer for the Sox or Cubs.

I will not cheer for the Blackhawks.


I have toned down this a bit. I use to root against them. Now I just become a fan of the other team. So in some sense I have matured a bit. Not a ton, but a little bit.  If a win can mean one of my home town teams can make the playoffs or get a better playoff position, maybe….doubtful, but a slim chance. As a sports fan, I continue to watch because I like the competitive aspects.

But loyalty is a strong emotion for me. Being loyal to the teams and state that I was born and raised means something. I support the home town teams almost to a fault. I am now 0-3 this year at Brewers games.

The biggest reason I hear that I should be cheering for the Hawks is that Wisconsin does not have Professional hockey, and that Chicago is the next closest team. I could argue that the Minnesota Wild are closer but that is not really the point.

Under that reasoning, I should be cheering for the Illini in baseball since Wisconsin dropped baseball back in 1991.  But I am not!

The point is that they are still from Chicago, the city and teams that we despise in every other sport. To make an exception is not part of my nature. I don’t make an exception for any other Big Ten team to win it all like the Ohio State Buckeyes in football. Nor the Farve Led Vikings in the NFC title game. ((That could be a post for another day. ))  Not for the Cubs in 2003 against the Marlins when Bartman interfered.

So, good job winning the Cup Hawks. You were the better team and deserved to win. You have a good fan base that is getting larger.  I personally will not be cheering for you to win. Again. Ever.

Getting Older

Last week Tuesday we had the first meet of the high school season.  Anna asked me after the meet to have a picture and said we should do it every year we go to the Hartford pool for the first meet of the year.

One YearSo the left picture is last year, and the right side is this year.

Looks like she got a little bit taller and grew some shoulders.

But what you don’t see and the picture can not show it enough, is how much she has grown on the inside since the picture on the left.

Academics have always been important, but we survived the first year after not know how STEM would prepare her for high school.  Over a 4.0 for freshman year.  Sophomore classes are scheduled and looks like it is going to be tough with a capital T.

She has always been a natural athlete, except for maybe basketball 🙂 .  I still remember the time that Michelle was teaching her to ride a bike.  She road a couple of feet, fell off, slammed the bike down, went inside the house to cry, came back out, got on the bike, and then started to ride.  It was that easy for her.

Last swim season ended and she went into the club season with a little more excitement.  Winter season ended and she wanted a break from swim, and soccer soon started.  Great experience, and great transition for her.  Then Summer started.  That is where the growth came.  Finding her own ride to and from practice.  Making the switch to a more dedicated athlete shows great maturity on her part.  Most weeks it was 7 to 8 practices a week, some early in the morning.  Although I think, as a Coach, there is still room to grow, the growth in the past year has been tremendous.

It has not all been sunshine and roses along the way.  She has struggled.  Has her own aches and pains.  Sometimes in the knees, sometimes in the shoulders.  But that too has been an area of growth.

It has been fun to watch.  We will probably need to do one of these again at Sectionals this year so we can compare ourselves again.


And I am not talking about these guys either.


Recently had the the time to talk to the kids on individual car rides to and from practice and school.  And I asked them both the same questions.

“Are you still having fun swimming?”

Because to me, if they are not having fun, there is no need to keep going.  Now, I did preface it for them that they could say they are not having as much fun as before and I would not be upset.

Both of them said they were still enjoying it.  Not always was it fun.  But they both realized that to get better they would have to work, and that sometime work was fun.  Luke did say that there was not enough time in the middle of sets to talk to his buddies, but that meets were great because there was a great deal more time to talk.  I am sure that Coach Micheal would appreciate that based off the story I heard after this last Sunday’s meet.

Anna said that she looks forward to the “soccer” break and then summer when there are other distractions going on.  But is looking forward to next high school season.  In the back of her mind, and she did say this, that she is worried about sport burnout. Because, let’s face it “swimming practice gets boring at times”.

Always good to get the reality check once in a while.  Swim On!

Movember is BACK

Most of you remember last year when I grew a Moustache for the first time in my entire life.  It was pretty close to one of the worst experiences in my life.  🙂 But I was able to raise $415 to support men’s health programs.  And I had a great deal of fun with it the entire month.MO13-Flag

Well, I am going to do it again!  And I even purchased moustache ear rings for Michelle so she can support me in the fun as well.  My only rule is that if you are going to make fun of me, you have to donate to the cause.  This includes people that live in my house and those with the same last name living on my block.

I’d like you to support me as I fight the good fight. You can donate to my moustache by:

1. Donating online at
2. Writing a check to ‘Movember’, referencing my registration ID: 4877585 and mailing it to: Movember US, P.O. Box 1595, Culver City, CA 90232

Your donation will support world-class men’s health programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer. These programs, directed by the Movember Foundation, are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. To find out more, visit the programs section of Movember’s website:

Thanks for supporting Movember and helping us change the face of men’s health.

I will keep a picture diary on my Flickr account at  The starting picture is when I shaved at the end of last Movember.

Full Circle

MomIt was a long three day celebration for Team Bedalov:

  • Mom going on to eternal life
  • Anna participating in her 1st ever Varsity Conference Meet
  • And then Anna having the reaffirmation of her Baptismal vows

A big THANKS to all of the family and friends for their support this week leading up to the gathering Friday afternoon.  It has been a tough time for my Dad, brother, and myself.  But with all of you coming to talk and remember Mom and her great smile, made the pain lessen for at little time.  Dad will need our support for some time.  But he is strong, and will our help he can do it.  And Mom is in a much better place.

As a side note, the people at Krause Funeral Home were spectacular.  Their care and concern the entire process was that of professional Confirmationand compassion the entire time.

With all of the emotion the entire week and Friday, I was worried how I and Anna would do on Saturday.  More worried as the parent, less worried as the Coach.  As a parent there are moments when there is not much you can do to help your child.  We crossed that bridge during the third 25 of her 100 Fly.  It looked like the tears of sorrow from the night before finally caught up to her.  But the last 25 she found another gear and was able to finish the race strong with her second best time ever.

The meet ended with two 14th place finishes in individual races and a 7th and 8th place finish on relays.  A positive experience all around.

And then today we had a beautiful church service for Anna’s confirmation.  It was a great conclusion to a great three days.  More family and friends were in attendance to help celebrate.

Great deal of emotion these past three days.  A great deal to celebrate as well.

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