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Clear Expectations

Had to do a great deal of driving the past couple of days for work by myself. Good reflective time to do some thinking and to put some things in perspective.

It is time for the “List” to come out!!! School is out in a couple of weeks.

Let’s take a step back. Last summer we set a list of what I would consider clear expectations for each of the kids. And I have to give credit to my soon to be 4th grader that he wants to know what the clear expectations are for him so that he can get on to what he perceives as his fun stuff.

Now the trouble is that if it is not on the list, he struggles in making the next step to what is next. Pick up your room does not mean putting the things that were on the floor onto your bed.

I think the key this summer for me is to show him how to make that next step.

If we make that leap to the professional world….

As a manager I need to continue to set clear expectations so that my staff works in a smooth manner. It is when those “lists” are not known by staff that problems arise.


Recharge the Batteries

Vacation is the only real time that I have to catch up on reading and to see what else is going on in life. I know it sounds sad, but I recharge while away from work reading and thinking about ways to make my professional life better which in turn makes my personal life better.

Sometimes I make a complete void of work and focus on my family and other times I let my brain wander about becoming a better professional.

I have been meeting with my staff to set goals and to have them on paper, when I came across this little nugget from @DaveRamsey via Twitter::

Goals convert vision into energy. When you write your goals down, you immediately start feeling the earth move under your feet.

Wow. That is powerful! This Fires me UP!!

Next, I read this from Chris Brogan. He is a social media guru. He wrote a great book called Trust Agents. Loved it. I own it so let me know if you want to read it. It basically tells you why you should properly use social media tools but does not tell you which tools to use. This link is a little do and don’t s that may help in out upcoming en devours. If you are not following him on Twitter you should @chrisbrogan.

Use the tools correctly and recharge yourself once in a while.

Extreme Sports

This post is not so much about the Big Game on Sunday but as it is more about how out of control the fan base is becoming.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching the teams I am a fan of. I have learned to not use We, Us, They. I use the team name because I do not play for the Team or claim to be a member of the team.

But that is off topic a bit.

This about people telling me they are going to Puke if the other team wins OR I hate the Team so much that if my team loses I hope they get destroyed in the Super Bowl.

I cannot believe that it has gotten to this point.

I enjoy watching the Packers and I hope they win and play well. I wish no ill will towards the Bears or their fans. At what point have jumped from being a person that supports our Team to being so whacked out that it is tough to be around those people?

BIG Game

The big game is this week. Winner to the Super Bowl, loser is just that, a loser

I have not been trashing talking anyone or anything the past few weeks. Karma is a bitch when it bites you in the ass!!

For Christmas I got a Clay Matthews jersey and I have not let Michelle wash it yet because the Packers keep winning and I am afraid

Clay Matthews #52

of having all the positive mojo taken off the jersey.

I believe, like Kevin Costner does in Bull Durham, in the streak. You just do not mess with it. So I have been wearing the same shirt each game day.

On paper, the Packers are better in almost every major statistical category except for maybe punt return average and run defense….besides that they are better than the Bears.

And if the watched the Bear/Seahawks you noticed the Bear put some more gimmick offense in the mix by running the Wildcat three times including a Matt Forte INT. Has to be for potential schemes this week.

The real Jay Cutler will show up Sunday. We all know it. Packers should win easily. They are the better team.

Christmas Pageant

The kids participated in the Christmas Pageant at St. Luke’s Lutheran in Waukesha. Anna had a speaking part and Luke was an angel. Both got to sing songs.

St. Luke's Christmas Pageant

It was great seeing the kids have so much fun with their roles. And more importantly, learning/reminding us what Christmas is all about.

Athletic Hall of Fame

We are coming to the point in our lives where friends of our age will start being recognized for past performances.

Mark Gwidt - HOF

Hall of Fame Program

Tonight I am watching a swimming colleague be inducted to a Hall of Fame. Mark Gwidt is being put into the Homestead Athletic Hall of Fame. Great high school swimmer who still owns the school record in the 100 Breaststroke.  He is now the coach here at his Alma Mater for both girls and boys Swimming.

Mark and I have know each other for a long time.  And I still do not hold it against him that he is a Hawkeye.  Still remember the time I took him to the Fieldhouse for an Iowa/Wisconsin Basketball game.

Congrats Mark!

Yet Another Test

Here is yet another test to see if an email works to WordPress! It should also post this to Twitter and to Facebook. The Inner Geek in me is still working hard at being a Tech Nerd!

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