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March Madness

March MadnessThose that have known me for some time, March Madness is one of my favorite sports events.  Opening of College/Pro football season, any lazy Saturday at a ball game, High School Swimming State Championships, and March Madness.  And when the opportunity arises to attend any of those, I take the opportunity to jump on it.

And that was the case yesterday for the 2nd round games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  I think this was the 4th or 5th time I have gone to the games at the BC.

But this blog has nothing to do with the games.  This has to do with technology, and how poor the consumers in the sports world are treated when it comes to internet access.

Other industries have caught on and have catered to some extent to the consumer.  Look at the airline industry and airports.  Some require paid service, some have free service; yet they have extended support to the consumer with charging stations as well.  Fast food has figured it out as well.  Any Culvers, Chili’s, McDonald’s — all with free WiFi.  Department stores like Target also have it figured out.

Why is it taking so long for sports to figure it out?

Yesterdays games were atrocious when it came to knowing the stats of our game, and the stats of the other games all being played at the same time.  The Highlights from other games happened close to 25 minutes earlier when the score and outcome were already determined.  There was 27 minutes in between games in both Session 1 and Session 2.  Why were not shown other games on the scoreboard.  CBS and the NCAA own every aspect of this, so put them on.  The scoreboard showing the “Out of Town Scores” was posting the wrong scores.  ((NDState beat Oklahoma, but you would never know looking at the scoreboard))

I am sure that the almighty dollar and naming rights is the ultimate answer.  But in the mean time, the consumer is taking it in the shorts.


Tipping Point

Harbaugh brothersA week after the Super Bowl and watching the Harbaugh brothers throw tantrums on the sidelines that past month at epic proportions, we have now reached a tipping point where poor behavior from coaches and fans is become more of the norm rather than the exception.

And as a parent, coach, and fan – I have had enough of it.  Because from my vantage point, the only person that loses during this is the student athlete.

I am not sure what my full plan of attack will be to correct this, and I am not if this will be a one man crusade or not.  But I will do my best to correct it.

Going to the Sportsmanship Summit was a good start.  But I think we need to do more.

And here is why.

I recently sat at the scorers table for a JV basketball game waiting for the Varsity game to start.  The official made a call in the early part of the 4th quarter that went against the visiting team.  Some of the visiting parents siting behind the scorers table did not agree with the call.  In fact one parent did not let it go for the next 5 minutes.  Enough so that some of people from his own team asked him to keep it down.

Then the downfall.  The official came over during the next time out to the scorers table to check on timeouts remaining.  The fan was still yelling at the same official.  The official made the mistake of responding, and then the banter picked up to yelling.  I had to intervene and stop the fan from yelling.

I worked the varsity game after and was still a little worked up about the event.  When I got home I started looking for scores from other high school games when I came across this tweet with a video link from Ryan Ellerbusch:

Ryan is a Co-Editor/Videographer/Writer Midwest BallerHe add I had a good discussion after I told him my story and watched this video.  He has some good insight.  I would recommend you follow him on twitter.

Not sure we need to go much further than this for you to see why I need to figure out how to make this better.

Football Fan Fatigue

Go Pack GoIn Wisconsin they talk about Election Fatigue because of election on top of election on top of election.   Vote.  Recall.  Vote Again.  And there are yet more to come.

But as a football fan in Wisconsin, I think I am under “Big Game” football fan fatigue.

Late October, Bucky lost to Michigan State in OT.  Badgers then lost to Ohio State in OT while Luke and I are at Camp Randall in November.  Packers lose to Giants; actually get destroyed.  Bucky lost to Penn State in OT.  Then a stressful game against the Bears for the Packers.

Bucky comes back strong against Nebraska to win the Big Title Championship game.

Packers lose to the Vikings to gain a first round bye

Bucky lost their third straight Rose Bowl.

I am exhausted.  I have watched each game.  Put on all the team apparel l I have for each one of these game.  And now I need to get ramped up on four days rest for a NFL playoff game??

Not too mention I now need to start supporting the Badger basketball team.

Being a fan is a tough job, but someone has to do it!!

Bucky in Indy

Last time Bucky played Sparty in Indianapolis, the Big Ten Title was on the line.  It was football.  But the game was classic.  Gus Johnson called the game and was in top form.  Montee Ball had 4 TD’s, their was a late Hail Mary from Wilson.  But everyone will remember this play:

That game was December 3rd.

Fast forward.  The Super Bowl was also played in Indy.  We decided to go the week before the Super Bowl and take in the sites which also included a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium.  The Super Bowl was February 5th, basically 2 months after the Big 10 Championship game.

During our trip inside Lucas Oil, we were able to go into the Visitor’s locker room, which was going to be the Giants for the Super Bowl but was also the Badgers for the Big Ten title and was also the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans on back to back weekends also in December.

We were a little surprised when we found this

laying on the floor in the coaches room just sitting there.  Two months later, two other games later.

Let’s just hope Bucky hoops can leave their same mark on Indy

March Madness

From my childhood memory it use to 32 teams, then it became 48 teams for a couple of years, then in 1985 it became 64 teams.  For the last 10 years it has been 65 teams with one play-in game, and now it is 68 teams with four play off games.

So if you were playing one of those sequence games with numbers and had to guess what it was it would look like this:

8, 16, 22, 25, 32, 40, 48, 52, 53, 64, 65, 68

We are talking about the best three weeks of sports behind the Packers being in the Super Bowl, and that is what is known as March Madness.  It is a time where you can turn on any game and it now finally means something.  High School or College, Men’s or Women’s.   It is a time where last second shots always fall, hustle for loose balls becomes a bit more intense, and each possession becomes even more critical.

I think that with the dismantlement of Bucky Badger on Sunday, Ohio State will be the number 1 seed and the overall number 1 seed.

If Kansas can make it to the semis of the Big 12 tournament, then I think Rock Chalk Jayhawk should get a 1 seed

Assuming that both Pittsburgh and Notre Dame make it to the Big East title game, that winner should get a 1 seed, and if North Carolina and Duke make final of the ACC, then that winner should get the last 1 seed; with the losers both getting 2 seeds.

Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, North Carolina will be my 1 seeds

Duke, Notre Dame, Purdue, BYU will be my 2 seeds

San Diego State, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Florida will be my 3 seeds

I am usually not very good at this, so you should not be betting your life savings on any of this.  Pairings come out this Sunday.

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