4 Weeks Out

Full survival at Prairie Hill Day Camp was a success. My estimate is that she walked between 40 and 50 miles over the 5 and half days last week. I logged over 100k steps, so I am pretty sure she did with her little kids group.

Rest with her leg up, Ice, and some Ibuprofen at lunch and at the end of the day seemed to help as well.

The Video below is her jumping off the raft.  She is on the far left.  Mind you, this is exactly three weeks after surgery.

At Tuesday’s therapy this week, the Physical Therapist told Anna she was doing good for being close to 8 weeks out.  Anna had to remind her that we are just closing in on 4 weeks.  During that session she did ride a stationary bike for the first time.

During today’s therapy session, Anna was able to use the leg press and did some small squats.

Progress is Good!



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