2 Plus Weeks


18 Days after Surgery

Thursday will mark three weeks from the surgery date.  Anna has been going to therapy and the stitched have fully dissolved without much assistance.

The last couple days of school last week, the request was made by the PT to use one crutch more for stability in the crowded hallways.  School ended last Wednesday and we are down to no crutch.  Anna can bend it to 145 degrees and seems to be more confident each day in her ability.  She is still icing it most nights.

This is a big test this week though.  <<Insert dramatic music>>  It is the week of Girl Scout camp. Day one concluded today and she did take some Advil and did ice once tonight.  My guess is that she had to be over 10k steps each day.  That would make any normal semi athletic person tired, so I can only image how she is doing.

We continue to check in on her during the day this to make sure she is resting when able and elevating.  Next week we are back to 2 scheduled PT visits and a couple trip to Waukesha North with the school PT.

Thanks for all the cards and notes people have been sending. I know she appreciates it. It is great to have an awesome support system around us.


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