One Week and a Day


4 days after Surgery

The first DR appointment post surgery was today.  All reports came back positive.  Stitches did not need to come out because they will eventually dissolve by themselves over the next couple days.

Therapy evaluation started Tuesday – just 5 days after surgery.  Anna went to see the Waukesha North athletic trainer for exercises on Wednesday and then was at the out patient Westwood facility on Thursday.  Those are scheduled for twice a week going forward from this point. Both are Orthopedic Associates employed so they are in sync in the recover process.

Anna’s range of motion was at 115 on Thursday.  We can only assume it will keep getting better.  She is able to walk around the house without her crutches. But it is recommended to use a crutch on the opposite side around school for stability and because of the volume of obstacles.

The next DR appointment for a check up will be in 5 weeks and therapy will continue through the summer.


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