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To say the past 2 months have been exciting would be an understatement to say the least.

Quit a job, give a speech at National Conference, Spring Break, Start a new Job, Anna starts the season as the Varsity soccer goalie, get asked to give not 1 or 2 more speeches because of the previous speech but rather 3, Anna becomes Prom Queen, Luke goes to his first HS sports meeting.


But the new adventure for Anna and for Team Bedalov starts tomorrow at 9:15AM.  That is when the surgery is going to start to repair her torn ACL.  The first couple therapy sessions and the post surgery follow up visit are also already scheduled.

She knows that the hard part is front of her and that she controls the future.  Team Bedalov along with other family and friends will be a great support mechanism to encourage and challenge her, but this will be her greatest challenge in her life up to this point.

I often hear people say that adversity builds character.  But in this case, I know she is strong and determined. It is evident on how she has approached this entire process thus far and telling me that she would play soccer again next year as a senior. I see it every day.

Although I am sure she does not know what she is in for, I know her character is well in tact.  In this case, I think that this adversity is going to reveal more parts of Anna’s character to come to the surface and help define who she is as a young woman.

This is where we will be posting updates on her knee.  I told her that she should start an Instagram or Twitter account for her knew and she just laughed at me.

One thing is for sure….we are all looking forward to when we can see this again.



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