25th Season in the Books

This past Saturday was the Boys State Championship. It marked the end of the 25th season coaching high school.  25 seasons for girls and 3 with the boys.

Time for a little reflection. 

None of this would have ever been possible with out a great support group around me all this time. 

Michelle has been terrific about this all the years. At first it was just 14 weeks but the past three years it has been 28 straight weeks. It has helped a little that both kids enjoy swimming and don’t mind me coaching them. Next year will be super fun because we will have Anna race for 14 weeks and then Luke will be actually compete as a freshman. 

The Athletic Directors have been awesome during this time also. Peggy at DSHA, the now retiring Mr. Domach hired me at North, and during some transition there is Bob, Mitch, and now Brian. And the two AD’s from the co-Ops have been strong supporters also in Mike at Kettle Moraine and John at Pewaukee. 

The assistant swim coaches over the years that have helped and made we see my flaws, keep me in check, and remind me that we are doin things right each day at practice. That goes back to Christine who got to coach her sister, Kris with the awesome laugh, Bridget who as a former swimmer, Laura who was tutorin MU hoops at the same time, Coach Lee who brought in beach gear for taper, Murph who made the jump from DS to North, Courtny who was a positive and energetic influence, Mollie who filled in for a pinch, Elle who needs to be a head coach somewhere, and my current two awesome assistants Jordon and Sara. 

On the deep end of the pool, where I have no reason to ever be, there have been some great divers who became coaches to fill their passion in the sport. And the wired part is the the swimming community is small but the diving community is smaller and I think this batch all knows each other. Emily took over in the early 2000’s them it was Erin before we got to Tina, Brian, Emily J and now to Alex. Finding a great diving coach is tough. My advice is to hang on dearly when you find one. 

The athletes and families that have made the years spectacular are next. 430 athletes to be exact.  There is a spreadsheet with all their names and he years they were on a team. 

Thanks to everyone for making the past 25 years awesome!  Not sure I will make another 25 years, but this first quarter of a century has been nothing short of terrific. 


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