Sometimes you just Know

IMG_5002It was probably January of 2007 when I told Peggy that I was leaving Dasher Nation and headed out to the ‘Shaw. I remember it like it was yesterday. Dashers had a home basketball game in what is now the old gym, and I was sitting in an old wood chair off in the corner with her talking about life.

Peggy took a chance on me and hired me back in summer of 1991 as the Head Coach for a program that had been around for one season. In the 16 years while in charge we made some great progress.  But, sometimes you just know when it is time to move on. Painful yes. But I had other goals. I wanted to coach a team that had its own pool. I wanted a Home Pool advantage or at least try to create one.

So the game is going on, and I finally get around to telling Peggy that I am taking the job at Waukesha North. And like Elaine Benes from Seinfeld saying “Get Out” and shoving someone, Peggy shoved me on the chair. The wooden chair broke. Three of the legs snapped off and I went to the ground. The ball in the game went out of bounds by where I was now sprawled on the ground, and everyone was looking.

I only have one t-shirt left from Dasher Nation. I wore it to practice yesterday. I think only a handful of the kids made the connection between the old team and the new team. I know that Anna did. She still remembers us practicing at the place with the vikings on wall. That would be Vincent High School.

Thursday marks the 8th time that the old team comes out to Waukesha to face the new team. Once in a while, some Alumni stop by. Most of the time Peggy does. Sometimes the younger sisters of kids I coached are still swimming there. Looking forward to the meet again this year. It brings back some great memories.


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