Bucky For President

Editor’s Note: Most of this true but the other parts are to be tongue and cheek humor. It is up to you as the reader to figure out which is which. 

Editor’s Note Part II: Congrats to the Hawks for winning the Cup. Winning a championship at any level is a daunting task. And at this level where the play is so elevated, a tip of the hat is needed. bucky-badger-university-of-wisconsin-jack-zulli

There are pictures of me being 3 years old in a Packer helmet. I went to Game 5 of the 1982 World Series where Yount was a beast. I went to Bucks playoff games in the Mecca to see Super Sid and Marques. I have been a season ticket holder for Badger football and basketball since the early 90’s. Even when the chips are down and the teams are bad, I support my Wisconsin teams.

I will not cheer for the Bears.

I will not cheer for the Bulls.

I will not cheer for the Sox or Cubs.

I will not cheer for the Blackhawks.


I have toned down this a bit. I use to root against them. Now I just become a fan of the other team. So in some sense I have matured a bit. Not a ton, but a little bit.  If a win can mean one of my home town teams can make the playoffs or get a better playoff position, maybe….doubtful, but a slim chance. As a sports fan, I continue to watch because I like the competitive aspects.

But loyalty is a strong emotion for me. Being loyal to the teams and state that I was born and raised means something. I support the home town teams almost to a fault. I am now 0-3 this year at Brewers games.

The biggest reason I hear that I should be cheering for the Hawks is that Wisconsin does not have Professional hockey, and that Chicago is the next closest team. I could argue that the Minnesota Wild are closer but that is not really the point.

Under that reasoning, I should be cheering for the Illini in baseball since Wisconsin dropped baseball back in 1991.  But I am not!

The point is that they are still from Chicago, the city and teams that we despise in every other sport. To make an exception is not part of my nature. I don’t make an exception for any other Big Ten team to win it all like the Ohio State Buckeyes in football. Nor the Farve Led Vikings in the NFC title game. ((That could be a post for another day. ))  Not for the Cubs in 2003 against the Marlins when Bartman interfered.

So, good job winning the Cup Hawks. You were the better team and deserved to win. You have a good fan base that is getting larger.  I personally will not be cheering for you to win. Again. Ever.


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