Clash On

clash-iphone-320x480aThe biggest swim meet of the high school boys season is tomorrow. Which is then followed up by the State Championship next Saturday. And I would not normally admit this, but I am going to miss this team when the season is over. Not for the normal reasons, but probably because this is a team that really, really, really values Team over Self.

Most people would say it is the coaches that can instill that. Or maybe because of the great leadership. Or even the environment created with Trust. All of these are partially true and do contribute.

But the real catalyst behind it, in my opinion, is the online game of Clash of Clans.

Now before you start laughing, you need to follow the sequence of events.

During week 1 of the season, the boys told me that I needed to start playing. In a search to stay connected with the kids, I downloaded the SuperCell game. I started playing. I got to a high enough level that I could join, ready for this, the WNKMP Squad.

And what I found out was that the leadership structure in Clash of Clans is not very different than in the pool. It forces us to rely on other people, it makes us realize even more that the #TeamFirst attitude allows us to be better as a group and as a result better as individuals.  There is a different level of commitment and teamwork needed each day. Those things transfer directly to practice and meets.

Coach Mission joined. And then Ms. Salty joined. Swimmers play. Divers play. Alumni play. Even future WNKMP kids are playing.

It just takes us to a new level as a Team.

The Superbowl occurred and we get to practice and the first things we talked about was AngryNeeson52. This would have never of happened other years, and if it did, it would not have lasted very long.

One purpose and one goal now. In the pool and out of the pool.

Clash On!!


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