Medical Leave

mw-minimal-deskop-wallpaper-slow-down-10-80-1Sometimes life throws you a curve as a reminder that maybe you need to slow down a hair.  Not full breaking stop, but just enough to make sure all things check out correctly.

Yesterday I had some minor outpatient surgery for an exam under anesthesia (EUA) with a fistulotomy.

The surgery was at 2:30PM and I had to be there by 1:00PM. The DR recommends that I scheduled to be off today and Friday to recover, and should be ready to go back to work on Monday the 19th.

So, how did this happen? The DR performing the surgery said this is just bad luck.

While we were in Disney on vacation I had a growth large enough that it popped the skin back on December 1st.  Called the Care 24 line through the insurance and the nurse thought it was a thrombosed External hemorrhoidI called my primary care physician and she said that I should come in once we returned to Wisconsin because I was not in that much pain after the rupture.  When I went to see her on December 5th, she recommended I go over to Waukesha Memorial and see the on call surgeon and have him lance/cut it open and drain it out. It was not a hemorrhoid but rather an abscess.

My follow up visit two weeks ago revealed that it is not healing properly, thus my DR wanted to put me under and check it further.

What started as an abscess has turned into a fistula.  Meaning there is a pathway that forms when the abscess drains. That can cause drainage where the pathway meets the skin.  So, this has been basically draining nonstop since early December.  Some days better, some days worse.  I would say that about 70% of the time since early December I have been in some sort of pain.  Antibiotics helped for a while but this was the next step.

My DR said that 75-80% of these are on the surface and can be taken care of in 45 minutes.  If it is further “upstream” then he will have to refer me to a specialist for something more invasive.

Luckily it was very superficial near the surface.

Best part is I get to watch Netflix for a couple days!!  Good times. And, I am slowing it down for a couple of days.



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