Merry Christmas

Most years Michelle and I talk about sending out Christmas Cards. And every year it gets to the point where we are way to late to get them to all of our family in friends in time for Christmas. Some years we just don’t have any pictures that are good. Some years we go to Disney and lose 8 days 🙂  Some years, I decide to become the North boys’ swim coach, which begins the day after the girls season ends.

Then even if we have a good picture, do we write the elaborate letter of what we did during they year? Do we go month by month summary, or do we do it by each person in the family.

We have decided that we are not sending cards out again this year. If that means we fall off some people’s Christmas Card list, we fully understand. We really enjoy your cards and letters. So this year, we will post a a family picture and will have some notes.

Here is the 2014 Christmas Picture:


The reason I picked this one from our most recent trip is that I think it represents Team Bedalov pretty well.

I am wearing a Badger shirt for our deep love and support for UW, although we don’t make it to all the games. This is our 21st season as a football and basketball season ticket holder.

Luke is wearing an SC Soccer shirt. Both kids are playing soccer, Luke for SC and Anna in High School. Both are playing goalie and both are getting much better each season. In the spring, each will have a new coach.

Anna is wearing her WIAA State Championship sweatshirt. Both kids are swimming, Luke for Express and Anna for Express and on the HS team. She made it to the HS State meet this year on our Medley Relay. With all four relay swimmers coming back next year, we may make a 2nd trip to State

Michelle is wearing a purple pull over, and although it does not say Waukesha North on it, the Purple Palace has become a strong center piece to our lives. I coach two teams there, Anna goes to school there, Luke will go to school there, and Michelle works there. It really is part of our extended family. We know, respect, and love the staff.

The only thing not on the picture, besides Luke now has braces, is the fact that although we as a family are in 40 different directions each day and week with things like Church Choir, WCAP, Swim practice, Girl Scout Camp, Presidents Advisory, Athletic Directors Advisory, Key Club, Soccer Practice, taking drivers Ed and now starting to practice drive, giving blood, Confirmation Class, etc  — we are closer as a family than we have ever been.

I recently posted that we could not have taken the trip to Disney without our great support system around us, and I truly meant it. We have so many things to be THANKFUL for this year. And there is a good chance that if you have continued reading to this part of the post, you are one of the people that we would like to “thank” for being in our support group once again this year.


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