End of the Season

The 2014 high school swimming season will come to a conclusion this Saturday afternoon in Madison. It will mark the end of my 7th season at Waukesha North and my 24th season overall. It will also be the end of Anna’s 2nd high school season.

The season started off pretty well. A couple meets in we were swimming pretty well.10671280_10154822190235338_1521554855841116107_n

Then a thing called Patellofemoral Stress Syndrome was introduced to our vocabulary.

We initially took Anna to see the trainer at North High School.  She works for Orthopedic Associates.  We then took her to see my brother who has a masters in Physical Therapy.  He confirmed the diagnosis.

We then took Anna to the Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber at Children’s Hospital in Wauwatosa.  She confirmed what we already knew, but

The APNP prescribed 99 sessions of therapy.  I am pretty sure that is code to keep going until we get this resolved.

Last week, Michelle and Anna went to an evaluation at the ProHealth Care at Westwood with the therapist.  The exercises she’s been doing with the Waukesha North trainer every day for 45 minutes before practice the past 7 weeks have been good. The therapist gave her some other things to try and she’ll talk with the North trainer about more things she can do.

While this was all going on for the past 7 weeks, we have had meets and invites. But the training schedule that Anna was on was less than optimal for high impact swimming, with the goal of making it to the State Championship.

We carried a note along to every meet to let the officials know that we had approval from a trainer to have Kinesio tape on when competing. By rule this is not allowed by the NFHS or the WIAA without authorized permission from an authorized source.

The first meet in the last 6 that she was able to swim the full slate of her events was the Conference Meet. And considering everything we had gone through, she swam really well and mentally cleared a big hurdle.

Then this past Saturday came. It is the Sectional Qualifier, and is your only chance to make it to the State Championship Meet.  Our best chance to make it was the 200 Medley Relay with Anna being a key leg of the relay.

DSC04368-2And she came through looking like a champ. Swam her split in a lifetime best, then wen on to swim three more times, with one more lifetime best in the 100 Butterfly.

The rest and more therapy will now need to wait one more week because the relay made it to State!

There are no guarantees in life. And she and I talked about it on the way home from the meet Saturday. Need to make sure you savor every moment like this because you never really know when they will happen again.

As a parent and as a coach this has been one of the more stressful seasons for me in a long time. It is always hard to gauge when any kid is in pain, and it is worse when it is your kid. You can see the potential and the effort she puts in, but then the pain is too much. Too much for a 15 year old to go through.

Once the meet is over on Saturday, we are going to start to rest and heal. Physically for sure. Probably a little mentally as well. And that is for both of us.

A personal HUGE THANKS to everyone this season for their support and assistance this season!


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