Doing The Right Thing

FlowersLast Thursday for our dual meet, we had Family Night.

In the past it was called Parents Night. But because the culture of what makes up a support system has changed int eh past 5 to 10 years, we have moved to calling it Family Night. It is a night where the student/athlete recognizes the person or people that are supporting them this season OR for the past 4 or in some cases ever since they started swimming at a very early age.

This year we put two little twists on it.

First, we invited the opposing team to participate.  Sounds a little odd, but the opposing team does not have a pool, and thus has no home meets.  I learned a long time ago when I was coaching at DSHA that being “road warriors” all the time for practice and meets is a struggle. We had contacted the other coach a couple weeks ago and asked them to participate.

We had the girls from Catholic Memorial introduce their families and the girls were able to give them a flower as a sign of their “thanks”.

The second thing was something that I learned from the old North soccer coach.  He had his players write a note to the support system. A note to show them that they were really thinking about what that person means to them. I printed up blank letterhead for both North and Kettle Moraine and handed it to the girls on Tuesday to have done by the meet on Thursday.

I had called my Dad over the weekend and asked him if her was coming out to the meet this week since he has been to a good number of our home meets. He said he was.

Michelle was busy chasing Luke around from Vex to Choir to this and to that, and I was busy organizing the girls to get the mid pool event complete.  So, when Anna got to the microphone, she said that Grandpa Roger was there to support her. She gave him a letter that she wrote to him.

But both my Dad and I, as well as Anna, knew that this was really for my Mom. She would be so excited to see how Anna has developed into such a talented and smart your lady.

When the 10 minute program was over, my Dad called me over.  He said thanks and that was really nice.  He did not need to say anymore because I knew exactly what he was thinking.


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