Taking Care of Business

TCBWent to Graceland back in 1995 with my college roommate during the off day of the 1st and 2nd Round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament being held at the Pyramid in Memphis. Besides seeing a really bad fake Elvis, we saw a great deal of lightening bolt patches that read “TCB”.

TCB was what Elvis called his band.  They were Taking Care of Business.

Despite what your personal opinions are of Elvis or his personal choices or his music, there is something to be said about the phrase TCB.

Earlier this summer, a number of people were posting 30 day or 50 challenges on Facebook.  I also read of girl that did a 100 day challenge and another person do a 100 day challenge to get themselves in shape.  Basically the challenges were to do something for 30 days (or more) and then it becomes habit and then part of your daily routine.  Just TCB.

I thought I would give it a shot.

Started Day 1 with 1 situp.  Day 2 – 2 situps. Day 3 – 3 situps.  And so on.

I then started tracking my progress with an iPhone app called MyFitnessPal. Michelle had been using it a couple weeks before me. And with that I decided to weigh myself and see if this was going to make a difference. For me, the more accountability, the better.  The app is easy to use.

I was into the 60 day range with the situps when I first logged into the App. First recorded weight on August 4 was 204.  A far cry from the good ole days in high school and college.  Makes me wonder what my max capacity was before I started.  Yikes.

These are the steps I have taken to get back into somewhat respectable shape. Remember that you need to Take Care of Business each day!

  • Drink 9 glasses of water each day
  • Do 50 situps each morning – I recently added push ups into the routine with the same process above
  • Use wise portion control when eating
  • Bring my lunch to work so I can control the calorie intake and save money
  • Keep my calories intake per day under 20000
  • Walk 30 minutes each day with my beautiful wife
  • Track all of these things in an app so you are responsible to yourself

Closing in on two months of doing this every day, and happy to report that my weight is down to 188.

Each any everyone of you that read this can follow my simple steps.  And then you too will be Taking Car of Business!


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