I Can Commit

productivityDuring the past couple of swim seasons, I have purposely tried to make the swimmers more accountable for their actions. Each year we up it a little bit more. This is important to me because at some point these are life skills that need to built to be a positive influence on society down the road.

This year we added the “I Can Commit” statements. This was an idea that I read about in one of Bruce E. Brown’s Proactive Coaching books and it applied to what we wanted to do with the team.

You can read our full list here.

There is no secret here.  These are things that even outside of the sports world that one needs to excel and get better at to be successful.  For example, look at the first one on the team list:

I can commit to being 15 minutes early for all team events this season including buses, meetings and practices.
Seems pretty straight forward.  But apply this to your full time daytime occupation and change that to read like this:  I can commit to being 15 minutes early for all meetings being prepared to participate by preparing ahead of time.

Not reading the notes needed to be discussed for the meeting only slows down production and forces the meeting to slow to a grinding halt.

Think about how much more effective you and your team could be if everyone was prepared for your last meeting.
Another one on my list reads:
I can commit to “eye to eye” contact in any one on one conversation that I have with a member of the program.

Think about the last time you were talking to a co-worker and instead of the other person looking at you or the person speaking, they are looking at their cell phone instead.  It is a frustrating event for the speaker.

Now, I am not one to shy away from my own faults.  I would claim that on any given day, I probably need to improve on two or three on this list.  Which one strikes home most for you?


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