Getting Older

Last week Tuesday we had the first meet of the high school season.  Anna asked me after the meet to have a picture and said we should do it every year we go to the Hartford pool for the first meet of the year.

One YearSo the left picture is last year, and the right side is this year.

Looks like she got a little bit taller and grew some shoulders.

But what you don’t see and the picture can not show it enough, is how much she has grown on the inside since the picture on the left.

Academics have always been important, but we survived the first year after not know how STEM would prepare her for high school.  Over a 4.0 for freshman year.  Sophomore classes are scheduled and looks like it is going to be tough with a capital T.

She has always been a natural athlete, except for maybe basketball 🙂 .  I still remember the time that Michelle was teaching her to ride a bike.  She road a couple of feet, fell off, slammed the bike down, went inside the house to cry, came back out, got on the bike, and then started to ride.  It was that easy for her.

Last swim season ended and she went into the club season with a little more excitement.  Winter season ended and she wanted a break from swim, and soccer soon started.  Great experience, and great transition for her.  Then Summer started.  That is where the growth came.  Finding her own ride to and from practice.  Making the switch to a more dedicated athlete shows great maturity on her part.  Most weeks it was 7 to 8 practices a week, some early in the morning.  Although I think, as a Coach, there is still room to grow, the growth in the past year has been tremendous.

It has not all been sunshine and roses along the way.  She has struggled.  Has her own aches and pains.  Sometimes in the knees, sometimes in the shoulders.  But that too has been an area of growth.

It has been fun to watch.  We will probably need to do one of these again at Sectionals this year so we can compare ourselves again.


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