Time Goes Fast

Hard to believe that at this time last year the team I coach was displaced from our home location because of the Big Gym Fire of 2013.  And there was a strange twist of events that occurred after that.

We practiced the entire month at our cross town rivals pool during the week, and our other in town rival on Saturdays.  That was a strange feeling.

Our first home meet was moved to a neutral site. That site was West Allis Central High School.  Right on the edge of Milaukee.

It would be close enough for my Mom and Dad to stop in and see me.  But more importantly see their only grand daughter swim.

My parents came to the meet.  I talked to my parents briefly before the meet started. My Dad knows that meets are a little hectic and that I have other responsibilities as the Head Coach.  So, in typical fashion, he made me go back over by my team.

After Anna’s first swim I sent her down to talk to my parents.  Not a normal process that I would normally allow for freshman swimming in only their second meet.  But sometimes being in charge has its perks.

That was the last time we got to talk to my Mom.

She had a stroke that night.  Slipped into a coma for a while.  Then was in an assisted living center.  She passed away on October 17th.

We are going to bury her ashes this Thursday.  A number of circumstances had prevented us from doing so until now.

It will always make the start of the season tough knowing she will not be around to watch.

Miss you Mom!



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