Collection Issue

WI vs ILSome people collect stamps.  Some collect buttons.  Michelle collects Precious Moments.

I save/collect my ticket stubs from Games and Concerts.  And I have a big problem.

A friend of mine reminded me that it was the anniversary of seeing the Who at Alpine a couple weeks ago.  I ran into the basement to see if I had the stub.  Looked for a while, and then remembered that I was “Scrap-booking” before it was even a real thing.

I must have gotten a hard piece of particle board from my Dad that roughly a D size print, or a 2 x 3 foot piece.  On this board are ticket stubs from August of 1986 to June of 1990.

I decided to type out the list.  Here it is:

08.26.1987 – Molitor hitting streak ends at 39 games at County Stadium.
10.31.1987 – Navy at Notre Dame Stadium for football
11.16.1987 – Yes at the Mecca 7th Row on the Floor Center
12.31.1987 – Globetrotters vs Generals at Mecca
02.03.1988 – Wisconsin beats Marquette in Bank One Classic at the BC
05.16.1988 – Yount passes Cecil Cooper on Brewers All Time RBI list
06.01.1988 – Beach Boys/Chicago at the Marcus Amphitheater
06.17.1988 – Inxs at the Marcus Amphitheater
07.19.1988 – Daryl Hamilton hits first Major League HR at County Stadium
07.21.1988 – The Who at Alpine Valley
09.09.1988 – The Rolling Stones at Alpine valley
10.14.1988 – Andre Agassi beats Tim Mayotte 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 at the BC
02.19.1989 – Wisconsin beats #4 Illinois 72-52 at the Fieldhouse
05.04.1989 – Nylons play at Carroll College at Shattuck Auditorium
08.13.1989 – Phillies vs Cubs at Wrigley Field
09.03.1989 – Greg Norman wins GMO at Tuckaway Country Club
11.04.1989 – Navy at Notre Dame Stadium for football
12.09.1989 – Marquette beats Notre Dame in hoops at the BC
12.16.1989 – Michigan beats Marquette 82-73 at the BC
12.29.1989 – Wisconsin beats Boston College at Bank One Showdown at the BC
04.04.1990 – UNLV routes Duke 103-73 in NCAA Title Game in Denver
04.24.1990 – Brewers beat KC Royals in our 1st engagement activity
06.16.1990 – 3rd Round of the US Golf Open at Medina Country Club

These were just the ones on the board.  I am sure there are plenty more.

The total cost of the 4 concerts at Alpine and Marcus was $99.  Ticket for Molitor’s streak ending was $3.50

I remember bits and pieces from each one of these.  And I have more ticket stubs not on the board.  All of which are floating around the house in various places.

In return, after every game we take the kids to now, I hand them the ticket.  Hopefully they get the same memories that I had at all of these events.


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