Anniversary of Freedom

07282008It was 6 years ago today.  In fact it was probably right about this time, 10AM.  I got called up to my bosses office.  I remember it like it was just yesterday.

It was a blessing in disguise.  I was relieved of my duties at the company I was working.

My team along with another team had just finished back to back migrations.  We upgraded Email systems and then converted Server OS’s- both of which involved touching every workstation in the company.  We even had a celebration dinner to mark the conclusion of these two massive projects.  The team I was on was working 50+ a week for close to 8 straight months.

Nothing stung more than knowing that you were just a number, not a valued employee.  Loyalty meant nothing.  Having 4 consecutive “Exceeds Expectations” on your performance reviews meant nothing.

The rest of my team was let go two days later.

I had figured something was rotten and was going to happen soon.  Two days earlier we were at the local pool with the kids and I told Michelle, that I think they are letting us go.  I started asking too many questions on Monday, so instead if letting me go on Thursday, they let me go on Tuesday.

But the upside was I got a clean start.  I was able to make my Family a priority again.  And anytime I catch myself being too wrapped up in my new job or wrapped into Swimming, I take a step back a remember August of 2006 when I got to spend an entire month with the kids.  And by the way, I got paid to hang out with my kids because the severance covered me until October.

I take a step back and work on being the better Dad and better Husband.  That is because that is what is most important.  I sometimes slip but I go back to today, 6 years ago, when my eyes were opened a bit more to what is valuable to me.


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