Schools Out

We survived another school year.  Survived Anna in high school. Survived Luke being in Middle School. It was a year filled with ups and a couple downs, but all in all if was a pretty great school year.

Anna started High School. But before school actually started, high school swim started.  And that involved swimming for her Dad.  North HS had a fire, so we were not able to practice at our own pool for the entire month of August.  For the past three years I drove Anna to school, this year Michelle got the privledge.

Luke started Middle School and had a little up hill battle meeting new friends since most were going to a different Middle School because of redistricting of our area.  He also made it on a Select Soccer team that started practicing in the fall.

We made it through Anna’s first Homecoming, my Mom passing away, Michelle getting yet another new boss at work, Anna swimming at her first WIAA Sectional, me taking over the Men’s program at North for swimming, a couple vacations to here and there (most notably an awesome trip to Rosemary Beach during Spring Break with the Mollet’s), Luke being swimmer of the week in January, Anna making her first 2 state cuts for club Swimming, the Badgers making it to the Final 4, Luke participating in forensics at school and being in three plays at WCAP and really finding his inner voice, Anna playing goalie and getting kicked in the eye.

Wow!  A full year.  And lets not forget school work.  Both kids are doing exceptionally well in the classroom.

Cannot guarantee that the next couple years will go this smooth, but there are not three other people that I would rather go through this with than the those living at my house!


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