Multiplier Rule

Full Disclosure:  I attended and graduated from a Catholic grade school, attended and graduated from a private Jesuit high school, coached for 16 seasons at a Catholic high school, and now have coached 7 years at a public high school. These comments are mine alone, and are not the representation for the Wisconsin Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association for which I am the current President, or a reflection of the positions of the current or past schools I have coached.

WIAAMultiplierEditors Note: This is the best site I have found that covers all aspects with articles and statistics –  I follow Travis Wilson on Twitter and have had comments back and forth about this issue. He is a wealth of knowledge, not only on this subject, but on High School Athletics in Wisconsin.

The debate over the Multiplier Rule for high school Athletics at some level is the very same reason that Little League Baseball in my day, and now Club Soccer in my kids day is being ruined — because parents are interfering too much with the process because they think they know what is best for the student/athlete.

That will be another blog post for another day.

It is my opinion that there does not need to be a multiplier for High School sports in Wisconsin at the current time.

Imposing a multiplier of any factor will further put a divide between the public schools and the private schools. The relationship is strained at best at the current time. The allegations of recruiting by private schools continues on a daily basis. People that do not know my background often speak out against the “illegal activities” of the private schools.

Instead, what needs to be done, is that the WIAA needs to police and follow and track these “illegal activities” and police the sports and schools that a breaking the rules. The problem is that the WIAA does not want to be the Enrollment Police. They neither have the time and the staffing to make that reality a possibility.  But if the schools are caught, then the student/athletes are being punished for something a coach or AD has done.

The strong argument in favor is that the playing field needs to be equal. But in Wisconsin, we are an Open Enrollment state.  Each district can either accept or decline students for open enrollment. So any school that accepts a student from outside their district, then should also be subject to the multiplier as well.

Another argument is that the participation rate is greater in private schools versus the public schools.  I witnessed that first hand when I switched to a public school.  But should that not be the issue of the coach/AD/School to devise a plan to get more student/athletes out for the sport instead of just punishing a school that has greater participation.

Not sure that there is an easy answer for the schools that signed the Petition for a Multiplier  By making a school of 200 which may be struggling to field a football team, and make them 330 for the tournament, what have you really solved.  Not much in my opinion.

And what have we taught the student/athlete about life. Not much in my opinion either.

In my sport of swimming, there will be little to no impact of the multiplier.  We will continue to go about our business of getting kids to come out for the sport, get them actively engaged, make sure that they are having fun, win some, lose some, and get to the state championships.




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