Pit in Your Gut

Couple of disappointing things took place this past weekend.  And these are in order of which they occurred:

  • Badger game on Saturday night.  Excellent game that my team ended on the short side of the scoreboard.  Had a chance to win but failed to close it out.  Guy from Kentucky that hit the three pointer did not attempt one the entire regular season and has hit a couple big ones in the tournament
  • Realizing that the Badgers lost.  Back in January of 1996, when the Packers lost and thus not in the Super Bowl against the Steelers, Michelle said we should go on a vacation.  Went to the travel agent the next day, booked our trip to Mexico and watched Larry Brown pick off Neil O’Donnell not once but twice.  The realization that we are adults now and cannot just fly away is just a little harsh at times.
  • And finally, watching the Bad News Bears last night on MLB network – the original one with Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal.  And this is the major piece of the article.

Back in the day I thought the Bad News Bears was a good heart warming story of a guy who originally needed money so he coached a team but then realized winning at all costs was more important.  The movie was originally produced in 1976.  But now as a parent of kids playing at a higher than rec sports level, I see it as more than that.

BadNewsBearsI never did see the remake with Billy Bob Thorton that came out in 2005, but if you want to relive the concept of parents being out of control wrecking youth sports, you can just go to any local indoor soccer field, a little league diamond, or dare I say it, your local swim team.  ((My sport is not immune to these parents)).

The coach teaching a kids pitching skill that throws out her elbow.  The coach telling a kid to get intentional get hit t o get on base.  The coach then pushing the same kid when he swings the bat.  A parent telling the coach to not put in the subs because they have a chance to win the game.  A player telling the other team to take the trophy and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  And this all happens in the last 20 minutes of the movie.

If you ever wanted to know what is wrong with youth sports today, I think it all started with this movie.  I am sure there are critics that will say I am poo-pooing a baseball classic, but give me Sandlot or 8 Men Out, or even Cobb to teach me better live lessons.


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