Big Time

First MeetAnna’s first meet for club swimming was December 3, 2011. See the picture to the right. That was just two years and 3 months ago.  It was the Swim Your Own Age meet at South and Santa was handing out Candy Canes to heat winners. Anna got a couple that day.

We have come a long way in a really short time.

Starting today, she swims in the 13-14 Wisconsin State Championships. She made two qualifying times, receives a bonus swim, and is swimming on all 5 relays. You can view the live results on line at this link.  If you have problems finding them let me know.

The experience thus far has been great.  Do not get me wrong, she/we struggle with some of the events.  But most of that is due to lack of racing, not because of physical limitations.

But this week is a little different. This is the first real big meet for her.  She swam at WIAA Sectionals, and watched WIAA State.  But those are just one day meets. This is a 4 day meet with the top swimmers in the state in her age group. This is pretty exciting stuff.

I let her sleep in later the past two days and drove her to school. She got an extra 45 minutes sleep each day. She was pretty excited for the meet to start and could not wait for Thursday to get her.

One relay today. Two individual and Two Relays Friday. One individual and Two Relays Saturday. One Relay Sunday. I am tired just typing it out.

She will do fine and do very well. Michelle and I are very proud of her. Unfortunately I am going to miss today’s and tomorrows swim and just see the weekend swims.

I told her to “Swim with Confidence” and to “Have Fun” as she got out of the car today.

Anna, I know you are going to read this so I am going to tell you one more thing: No matter what the clock says and no matter what place you finish, we still love you unconditionally. Give it your best effort this weekend! And soccer starts in a week 🙂



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