Thanks Mom!

2014 SectionalsEver since my Mom passed in October, I get choked up during the National Anthem at events I am in attendance. Being a swim coach that is every meet. Being a basketball season ticket holder for Badger Hoops, that is ever game.

If you have ever lost someone you love, it is nearly impossible to anticipate the emotions that occur afterward. It can present itself at anytime. Usually when you least expect. For me, it is during the Star Spangled Banner.  It is pretty powerful.

Not sure if if was because Mom loved the Olympics.  Or if it was because she was at every game my brother and I were ever in.  Or if it was because she supported me like a Mom would when I started coaching.  Probably all of the above.

Fast forward to this past Saturday.  The meet was at Greenfield, and their high school Pep Band came into the pool area to play before the meet started.  I wiped away a couple tears as I stated at the flag as they played.

The meet went on.  And we swam better than we had all season.  Everything we had talked about doing – we did.  Kids were swimming lifetime bests and doing things that they had never done before.  Almost everything was perfectly executed.  We performed well enough that we tied a team that beat us 4 teams already this season.

Never have been one to “dedicate” a performance or effort to someone but I know deep down in my heart that my Mom was there this past Saturday.  Thanks Mom!!

Now onto this week and the State Championships.  I better bring a couple of Kleenex.


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