Finish Line

The finish line is in plain view.  We are almost done with Week 27 of 28 of what has been a great, exciting, strange ride from the very word go.  Girls High School swimming officially started August 13th of 2013, and the Boys High School season will end next weekend on the 22nd of February.  And let me tell you there has been a ton in between.

But on the night of WIAA State, then we will have 24 Hours of Happiness and maybe a night to relax 🙂

The question I get asked the most since this is my first time coaching the boys team is this: Which season do you like more?

It is a tough question.  And both have their ups and downs, both have their pluses and minuses.  And maybe this year does not totally count because my daughter was on the team, but there is no easy answer.  And I probably will not give you a direct answer on this.

What I do know is that we already need to start planning for August and the start of the Girls Season.  Just had an open house with the incoming freshman and talked to them about the season.  When two seasons takes exactly half of a year to complete, there is really only about 6 months to plan for the upcoming season.

It is a journey, not a destination.

Already talking to the potential captains for the fall.  Already talking about creating covenants with the boys for next winter.  Putting finishing touches on the schedule for the fall.  Talking about bringing back the Northstar Invite for the boys.

So although the meet and day to day practices will be over soon.  The seasons really never end.


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